Worst Olympus
Worst Olympus


Dingo Pictures


Hercules (2000)

Appears in

Lawl Nova

Worst Olympus is a stage in Lawl Nova. It serves as Worst Hercules' Stage. The stage is based on Mount Olympus, as it appears in Dingo Pictures' Hercules.

Sometimes, a group of Griffons from the Underworld's Army will fly from the bottom of the stage to the top, dealing damage to who touches them.


The stage was first introduced in Worst Hercules' moveset, and back then it only had two platforms: The rocky structure of the bottom and the cloud on the top right.

An additional rock platform placed under the lower cloud (the one that's a platform) was included in Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Classic Mode video.


  • Main Theme - Hercules (Dingo Pictures)
  • Your Basic D.I.D. - Disney's Hercules Action Game
  • Menu Theme (Zero to Hero) - Disney's Hercules Action Game
  • Go for it! - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Track 5 - Imperium III
  • Main Theme - Dinosauri Antropomorfi
  • Silent Film - Dog Fashion Disco
  • The Adventure Begins - Herc's Adventures