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Waligie Character Stand
"Damn straight"


Mario Fangames


Waligie DX (2002)

Appears in

Throw Some Lawl Back At Em




Played by




Waluide, Wiligie

Special Moves

Neutral B: Explosive Material

Waligie... explodes. That's it. It's an useful attack when the opponents have high damage.

Side B: Bust Some Moves

Waligie creates a Tornado-like proyectile that makes the opponents to dance when they touch it. Unlike in the game, you can't repeatly shoot tornados, but you can keep pressed the Side B to make it go further

Up B: Waluide Rocket

Waligie summons Waluide, who shoots himself upwards like a rocket, dropping Waligie in the process. It can be shot in different directions, depending of where the opponent is. The opponent can grab Waluide to cancel the move.

Down B: Sharp Feathers

Waligie drops a feather that works like a spike trap, which also hits Waligie. You can only create 3 feathers. Using a Special Move next to the feather, makes it to fly away, causing more damage.

Final Smash: Pocket Brothers Assemble

Waligie flies upwards saying "Just what I needed" in a very odd voice. Then, he appears along with his brothers Wiligie and Waluide. The three start shooting green arrows, sharp feathers and tornados to the opponent, causing a lot of damage and knockback.

Standard Attacks 

Smash Attacks 

  • Side: Turns into a detonator and causes an irregular explosion
  • Up: A comment reading "Wow that background looks awesoem" appears above Waligie and comes down to deal damage to the opponent.
  • Down:

Tilt Attacks 

  • Side:
  • Up:
  • Down:
  • Neutral:
  • Dash:

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral:
  • Up:
  • Down:
  • Forward:
  • Back:


  • The moveset is getting a remake, due to how unfinished the original video was.

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