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Waligie DX (2002)

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Throw Some Lawl Back At Em




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Waluide, Wiligie


Pixel Into Reality

The title screen of Waligie DX is shown, then Waligie's head from the picture moves out of the screen to reveal Waligie.

Special Moves

Neutral B: Explosive Material

Waligie explodes. If he is jumping during the explosion, Waligie will create a wall of explosions. However, he can't double jump at the explosion. The damage caused by the explosion grows depending on the ratio between Waligie's percentage and the opponent's percentage. For example, if Waligie has 100% damage and the opponent has 50%, the opponent's damage will double. Stronger attacks don't matter if Waligie's percentage is below opponents, and the attack will cause its normal damage again after the strong attack.

Move Origin

In Waligie DX, Waluide walking into a wrong exit in one level causes him to explode.

Side B: Physcho Waligie

Waligie uses his live action head to carry an opponent or object. Waligie can hold the opponent for a maximum of ten seconds, but if he uses the head immediately after that, the time will reduce to five seconds. He is able to move the opponent freely and perform several commands:

By default, Waligie Head will just shock the opponent before dropping them.

If holding the button down, Waligie Head will just hold the opponent in tact, moving the head will also carry the opponent.

Releasing the button will throw the opponent further. If it is released while moving the head, the opponent will fly in the direction Head was moving.

Swinging an opponent back and forth five times will confuse him/her.

Taking out detachable objects on stages will allow you to move the portion of the stage which place in permanently in a certain area. However, it is more easy to destroy.

Move Origin

The entire gimmick of the game Physcho Waligie is based on a separate Psycho Iris controlling anything it touches, as a parody of the fangame "Psycho Waluigi"

Up B: Waluide Rocket

Waligie summons Waluide, who will fly upwards and knock any opponent in its path, while playing a short snippet from "In The Navy" by Village People. It can be shot in three upwards directions: two diagonal ones and straight up. The explosion happening as Waluide launches can also harm opponents if any of them are in its range. The explosion can also harm opponents if any of them hit its range. There is a small chance in which the opponent can grab and throw Waluide, cancelling the attack.

Move Origin

In "Waligie Episodes", Waluide goes to find Dan Rather in the waterworks by flying upwards while "In The Navy" plays.

Down Special: Sharp Feathers

Waligie drops a feather that works like a spike trap, which causes damage depending on the speed which the opponent approaches it. It can be moved to another place with special attacks, and the flying feather will cause more damage if it is in contact with an opponent. However, it is immune to projectiles, which will cause the feather to blow up on contact. The feather can be on the stage for five seconds total.

Move Origin

One of "Bowser"'s traps in Waligie DX are sharp feathers, which make Pocket Brothers explode in contact.

Final Smash: Food Stuffs

The first opponent Waligie touches is turned into giant food. Then Waligie and other opponents can munch food as it grows smaller. Each bite causes more damage to the opponent. The opponent returns back to normal in five seconds. If the food is eaten before time runs out, the opponent is KO'ed.

Each character has their own unique food:

Waligie - a pair of underwear

Spitting Image Ronald Reagan - an American flag-themed fruit cake

Hulk Hogan - a Yappapi

ODEMH - a ghost-themed cake

Bluster Kong - a pack of spicy banana chips

60's Moomintroll - a six-pack of Moomin-themed lemonade

Dr. Nick Laslowicz - a pack of cigars

Melies Moon - a pack of moon cheese

Walrus Grandpa - a pirate-themed food stand

Move Origin

In many Waligie games (such as Physcho Waligie and Waligie the Political Machine) the final boss transforms into a giant screenshot of a random food. The joke is this boss is easily defeated by Waligie and his brothers slowly eating it by jumping on it.

Special Moves (Old)

Neutral B: Explosive Material

Waligie... explodes. That's it. It's an useful attack when the opponents have high damage.

Side B: Bust Some Moves

Waligie creates a Tornado-like projectile that makes the opponents to dance when they touch it. Unlike in the game, you can't repeatly shoot tornados, but you can keep pressed the Side B to make it go further

Up B: Waluide Rocket

Waligie summons Waluide, who shoots himself upwards like a rocket, dropping Waligie in the process. It can be shot in different directions, depending of where the opponent is. The opponent can grab Waluide to cancel the move.

Down B: Sharp Feathers

Waligie drops a feather that works like a spike trap, which also hits Waligie. You can only create 3 feathers. Using a Special Move next to the feather, makes it to fly away, causing more damage.

Final Smash: Pocket Brothers Assemble

Waligie flies upwards saying "Just what I needed" in a very odd voice. Then, he appears along with his brothers Wiligie and Waluide. The three start shooting green arrows, sharp feathers and tornados to the opponent, causing a lot of damage and knockback.

KO Sounds

KO Sound #1: *A loud scream*

KO Sound #2: *Magical whirling sound*


Screen KO: "Woah!"


Up: Waligie spins as a line of text pops up reading "man I'm sexy"

Side: Waligie's Head eats a pair of boxers

Down: Waligie turns into his appearance on the title screen, then reverts back as his eyes glow.

Victory Options + Lose Pose

Option 1: Waligie, Waluide, and Wiligie look forwards as their eyes glow.

Option 2: *Waligie DX's credits show up*

Option 3: Waligie rides in a facny car with his brothers.

Lose Pose: Waligie, with a horribly disfigured face, slowly moves away.

Standard Attacks 

Smash Attacks 

  • Side: Turns into a detonator and causes an irregular explosion
  • Up: A comment reading "Wow that background looks awesoem" appears above Waligie and comes down to deal damage to the opponent.
  • Down:

Tilt Attacks 

  • Side:
  • Up:
  • Down:
  • Neutral: His eyes turn red
  • Dash:

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral:
  • Up:
  • Down:
  • Forward:
  • Back:

Grab Attacks

  • Forward Throw: A green crosshair appears on front of Waligie
  • Back Throw: Hits the opponent backwards with a white bar that reads "FIGHT"


  • The moveset was remade, due to how unfinished the original moveset was.
  • Much like Codec Snake, Waligie has alts for his two Pocket Bros: Waluide and Wiligie.