Palace of Power
Palace of Power




Captain N: The Game Master (1989)

Appears in

Lawl Nova

The Palace of Power is an Stage in Lawl Nova. It serves as Captain N's Stage. The stage is based on the castle situated in the centre of Videoland, ruled by Princess Lana.

Sometimes, the Power Glove will appear on the stage and teleport the fighters to a videogame world. These worlds are Megaland, Mount Icarus and Castlevania.


  • Captain N Rocks
  • Mega Move (Instrumental Edition) - Captain N: The Game Master
  • Ending Theme - Captain N: The Game Master
  • Guts Man Theme - Captain N: The Game Master
  • Airship Theme - Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Send me an Angel - The Wizard
  • Main Theme - Adventures of Captain S
  • Vampire Hunter (Acapella) - Smooth McGroove

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