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Façade (2005)

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Façade- 6 (2) Façade- 2b


Special Ability

If Trip grabs an opponent he can hold onto them for as long as possible. Even if he gets attacked he won't let go until he does a throw. However he still recives damage from attacks.

Neutral B: Italy Photo

Trip puts up a photo of Italy. Only one can be put up at a time. Press Neutral B near the photo and Trip will ask an opponent next to the photo (if there is one) what the photo says to them. If the opponent or Trip is not near the photo, this won't work. When this happens, Trip is invincible however the opponent is open. Neither are able to move though. The time it takes for the opponent to reply "romance" depends on their I.Q. If the opponent is attacked, the move is cancelled. The second time you press Neutral B away from the photo, Trip will beg the opponent to look at his photo. This will cause damage if the opponent is near the photo. Again, it won't work if the opponent isn't near enough. Each time he does this to an opponent, that opponent gets stronger. This will keep going until the 5th time. If Trip annoys them again for the 5th time, it does nothing. If Trip does the move near the photo after the 5th time, the opponent will instead insult Trip. This will anger him and cause him to throw the photo at the opponent causing 40% damage and resetting that opponent's strength.

Move Origin

One of the events in the game involves Trip showing the player a picture on the wall of his second honeymoon to Italy with Grace. While Grace is in the corner making snide remarks towards Trip, Trip tries to explain the picture to their guest and tries to show that the picture stands for romance.

Side B: Drinks!

Trip will get out a wine glass. He can still move around as normal but he can't attack. 3 items are required to make the drink. They can be picked up by walking on them. Traps can also be used to make the drink. After picking up 3 drinks, the drink will be made and press B to throw it as a projectile. Whatever kind of items the opponents pick up can depend on the drink's effect. For example, if you pick up a lot of weapons, the drink does a lot of damage.

Move Origin

Another event in Façade involves Trip wanting to make drinks for his friend to show off his bar-tending skills. He will ask the player if they want something to drink, and they can tell him what they want. If he does get them a drink, they will be given the glass and can drink out of it, though it has no real effect.

Up B: Physics Breaker

An icon of Trip's head appears on screen. To move it around, point the Wii remote at the sensor bar. Press A to select Trip's destination. Trip will slowly walk to that spot. He will go through everything meaning he is immune to attacks. Press A while walking and Trip will stop to do a normal attack before moving on to his destination.

Move Origin

One of the quirks of Façade is the interesting glitches that may occur. Occasionally, Trip and Grace may walk though solid walls to get to pre-scripted destinations.

Down B: Melon

A melon randomly appears somewhere on the stage. If an opponent eats the melon, half his or her health will be healed. Although Trip can't eat to melon, you can press Down B next to it to get rid of it. Once the opponent eats the melon, he or she can't use it again until he or she gets KO'd. You can also get rid of the melon but jumping on it.

Move Origin

One of the most notable aspects of Façade is that Trip gets angry whenever the player says the word melon. The game has a script where if a swear word is detected, Trip and Grace will react negatively to it. Melon is used in script as slang for breasts, but if the word is used in the fruit sense, Trip will still get irritated.

Final Smash: You need to leave

Trip will tell a random opponent to leave and will throw them into a door which has just appeared. If an opponent has eaten a melon, Trip will throw him or her out. When chasing the opponent, Trip will be invincible. Any other opponent who touches them will recieve damage. He will not stop until he catches the opponent or if he or she gets KO'd. If Trip catches the opponent, he will no longer be invincible. If he is attacked before the opponent is thrown out the door, the final smash is cancelled.

Move Orgin

One can lose in Façade if Trip kicks them out of their apartment. The game has a "three strikes" rule where three negative actions will lead to Trip chasing and throwing out the opponent, ending the game.


Up Taunt: "You think we should... have more sex?"

Side Taunt: "Alright, yeah, fine."

Down Taunt: "Anyway, uh, what were we talking about?"

Victory Options/Lose Pose

  • Victory #1: "I invited you over, but this is just not working out..."
  • Victory #2: Trip holds two drinks in hand and says, "We have to celebrate; tonight's a special night!"
  • Victory #3: Trip awkwardly laughs to himself.
  • Lose 1: Trip crosses his arms and looks off, disappointed and afraid.
  • Lose 2: Trip interrupts the victor's pose and grabs them, saying "Alright, [character], that's it, you have to leave." He then throws them out of his apartment, saying "We'll be fine, just go." while closing the door on them. The character kicked out will be shown making a disgusted face.

Character Description

Trip is one of the major characters of the indie game Façade, where the player must help Trip and his wife Grace in their failing marriage. Trip seems to put on an act of trying to impress his friends with fancy decorations and his skill in making drinks where, in reality, he is afraid of being poor. He claims to also be an expert in making drinks, owning a small bar in the corner of his apartment. He also seems to have an irrational hatred towards melons.


  • Trip is one of two characters to have a unique lose pose activated by pressing A and B before the results screen, the other being Zoolander.


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Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset Trip-0

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset Trip-0

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