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Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Toon Stan is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros Lawl Nova. When summoned, Stan will stay in place from his summoned spot. When his summoner falls off the stage, he will immediately teleport to them and throw them back onto the stage. He can do this for a total of three times before he disappears. Thrown characters can bounce off walls and platforms. If he fails to save his summoner for whatever reason, he will come down with his summoner on the revival platform, hugging them and crying out "I DID ALL I COULD, SON!", then disappearing.

Effect Origin

In "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood", Stan fails to defend Guybrush in the court, but tries to save him by throwing Guybrush off the window so he can escape, which isn't a good idea.


  • If Toon Guybrush summons Stan, he'll yell "RUN GUYBRUSH!" rather than just "RUN!" when throwing him back to the stage. Along with 60's Electro, this is the only Assist Trophy that has a change if certain character is in battle.
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