Tom Dickson




Will It Blend?

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Tom Dickson is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros Lawl Nova. When summoned, Tom Dickson will ask the eternal question: will it blend? He will then drop a giant blender onto the stage, and anybody near him when it happens will be pulled into it and blended. Once informing everyone not to breath the "Lawl smoke", large text on the screen will appear saying "YES, IT BLENDS!" and Tom disappears. Opponents that were caught will be on the ground, damaged. If nobody is near him when the blender comes down, he will just disappear.

Effect Origin

Tom Dickson's effect is inspired by the structure of all the "Will it Blend?" episodes. First he asks if it will blend, and then puts the thing in question inside of a blender. After blending it, he'll open the blender, state that you shouldn't breath a certain kind of smoke and then a text stating that "Yes, it blends!" appears.

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