Tito Dick "Dickman", BABEH!


Myx TV


The Nutshack (2007)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl What If




Defensive (Turtle)

Played by

Rex Navarrete


Dick Stealth

Dickman slides down a pole and falls onto the battlefield.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Flashy Bling

Dickman's bling makes him glow as he faces the screen. The light stuns his opponents. It lacks in range, but it makes up for it in speed. Time it right and it deflects projectiles.

Move Origin

This is based on Tito’s appearance throughout the entirety of The Nutshack as throughout the whole show, his bling obnoxiously glows. There isn't a single scene where it doesn't.

Side B - Viagra-Powered Dong Snatcher

Dickman uses his Viagra-powered Dong Snatcher, which no one is a match for. First hit does 3% while every other hit deals 2%. The length of the snatch depends on how horny a character is. Dickman is the second horniest while Blue Snow is the most horny at the time of this shebang.

Move Origin

This move is based on the pilot episode where Dick and Phil are playing against each other in a Star Wars style video game. Dick uses his character’s special move named the “Viagra Powered Dong Snatcher” which grabs the opponent by the crotch.

Up B - The Blind Dick

Dickman is now a samurai. He then dashes upwards in green flames. You can only go in that direction, but at the startup, you can slightly alter it. He also has superarmor when whipping out his blade.

Move Origin

Based on the episode of the same name, Dick fights in a Street Fighter type game and Shoryukens his opponent covered in green flames.

Down B - Tito Dick "Dickman" Babies

Dickman summons one of his hellspawn babies which target the closest opponent. They make that opponent trip whilst on the ground for 5 seconds. Only one can be summoned at a time, and you can't summon another one for 5 seconds, regardless of direct contact with an opponent.

Move Origin

This is based on the episode "TT Boy and Kid Utut" where Dickman acts as a supervillain against Phil and Jack. His plan is to make all of the ladies in town pregnant with his hellspawn babies that he will use to take over the world. These babies most of the time latch onto other people and try to over power them with sheer force in numbers.

Final Smash - The Nutshack theme but every time they say Nutshack, a random opponent explodes

Exactly what it says on the tin. It ends at "Hoo-ugh!"

Move Origin

This move is based on The Nutshack’s existence as a high quality meme. People on the internet would take the theme song and replace certain words with different things like the entire Bee Movie script, another meme, an episode of The Nutshack itself, etc. The Final Smash is a tribute to that, as it replaces the word “Nutshack” with an explosion in a similar fashion.


KOSFX1: "Nuhh!?"

KOSFX2: "Oh-ho-ho!"

Star KOSFX: "Ay sus mariosep!"

Screen KOSFX: "What??"


Up: "Is it maybe because you're a gay?"

Sd: "Now that's funny, boy."

Dn: "Imbe-cile!"

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

1. "I am Dick! I am the leader of ALL these idiots!"

2. "Peace out. I am Juicy Fruits for life."

3. "Ask the doctor why you're so damn UGLY!"

Failure/Clap: Not pleased

Standard Attacks

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack - Dickman does a light kick forward.
  • Dash Attack - ???
  • Forward tilt - Dickman swings his hands forward.
  • Up tilt - Dickman swings both of his hands upward.
  • Down tilt - ???
  • Side Smash - Dick first puts his hands at the back of his head, then he swings down his feet.
  • Up Smash - ???
  • Down Smash - ???

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - Dickman punches twice.
  • F-Air - ???
  • B-Air - ???
  • U-Air - Dickman swings his hands upward.
  • D-Air - ???


  • Grab - Dickman grabs the opponent by the neck.
  • Pummel - ???
  • Forward Throw- ???
  • Back Throw - ???
  • Up Throw - Dickman throws the opponent upwards.
  • Down Throw - Dickman slams the opponent down whilst saying "That's right boy!"

Other Attacks

  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Rick & Morty Codec

Rick: "Oh god no, Morty. We've run into a meme."

Morty: "Uh...a meme?"

Rick: "One of those stupid internet jokes that show up one day and die out in a matter of months. This one's called Dickman."

Morty: "D-Dickman? Is that his birthname?"

Rick: "It's Tito Dick 'Dickman' to you, Morty. He started out in this horrible TV show from 2007 where he was the uncle of the main character. The show has disgusting animation, terrible jokes, and awful voice acting."

Morty: "Really? fIf it's that bad then why did it become so popular?"

Rick: "It's because of the theme song, Morty. The show has one of the worst and most repetitive theme songs of all time, but the lyrics are memorable in their stupidity. People have remixed the song replacing the words of the song with other words or clips."

Morty: "Like We Are Number One?"

Rick: "No, this came first."

Morty: "Geez, the things people are entertained by these days."

Alternate costume

  • "Dickman, Baby!" The one and original Dick.
  • "Hey I'm in That Shit!" Based off Dwayne from The Nutshack.
  • "Still a Virgin!" Based off Cherry Pie from The Nutshack.
  • "Got Nutz?" Based off Phil Matibag from The Nutshack.
  • "Freak of the Week-a!" Based off Chita from The Nutshack.
  • "Fishman Baby!" Based off Dick's Fish Costume from the episode "Slasher".
  • "Slickman Baby!" Based off Dick's plastic surgery face lift from the episode "Got Surgery?".
  • "Nuts in your head" Based off The Voice in Your Head from SiIvaGunner.

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