The Incredible Machine
The Incredible Machine (Stage)


The Incredible Machine


The Incredible Machine 3

Appears in

Lawl Nova

The Incredible Machine is a Stage in Lawl Nova. It's based on the puzzle game series of the same name, mainly The Incredible Machine 3.

This stage is randomly generated everytime you play. There's always a big platform where you play, but besides that, there are different parts that are located in different places everytime you play.

  • Cannons: Fire cannonballs when attacked.
  • Spring Boards: Basically work like the springs from Stage Builder.
  • Blimps: They're moving platforms.
  • Pinball Flippers and Bumpers: They make you bounce if you touch them.
  • Anti-Gravity Pads: You'll float if you're over them.
  • Red Brick Platforms: They're destructible.



  • This stage also serves as Vince Offer's Stage, as his "series" doesn't have any stages that would fit. That explains why the Slap Chop Rap is a song.
  • The Super Mario Maker Stage released as DLC for Super Smash Bros. 4 shares similarities with this stage.

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