The Persian Forest





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Smash Bros. Lawl

Persian Forest is the 6th Subspace Emissary stage in Smash Bros Lawl.


Somewhere in the Persian Forest, some Persian Army troops march through and burn down the forest to hinder Leonidas' search for Dr. Robotnik. At the same time, Leonidas slaughters numerous Persians as payback for destroying Sparta. He encounters the Persian Messenger, declaring revenge for being kicked down the abyss earlier. Unfortunately for the messenger, Leonidas defeats him, and the messenger speeds away on his horse. He meets his fate as his horse unintentionally knocks him down a well.

A trophy of King Harkinian then falls down from the sky after the event at Lost Woods. It lands on the ground next to Leonidas, and the Spartan king revives it. Leonidas tells Harkinian about how he ended up at the burned forest due to Robotnik. Harkinian, also wanting revenge on the doctor, teams up with Leonidas to escape the ashes and to find Robotnik.

The two kings encounter Xerxes and Robotnik near the exit of the dessicated forest. Xerxes sends his Persian Army, and Robotnik sends his Badniks to defeat the two heroes. The kings defeat Xerxes' and Robotnik's forces, forcing Robotnik to retreat. Xerxes prepares to trophify Leonidas with his Dark Cannon, but Leonidas knocks it away with his spear, and Xerxes retreats along with Robotnik. The two kings escape to the lush part of the forest.

Xerxes' Dark Cannon lands on a field outside of the forest. It then is picked up by someone else...


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