The Nutshack
The Nutshack


The Nutshack


The Nutshack

Appears in

Lawl What-If

The Nutshack is a stage in Lawl What-If from the Nutshack franchise. It serves as Tito Dick's Home Stage.


  • The Nutshack Theme Song (The Nutshack)
  • The Nutshack Theme but sung by a Chorus of Cute Anime Girls (Nyaners)
  • The Nutshack Theme but sung by Daddy Tito Dickman (ThatCheesyBastard)
  • The Nutshack Theme but Beautiful (DoktorAmazing)
  • The Nutshack Theme but it's painful (ThatCheesyBastard)
  • The Nutshack Theme but IT'S ALLLLLRIGHT (ThatCheesyBastard)
  • The Nutshack Theme (Mariah Carey Version) (ThatCheesyBastard)
  • The Nutshack Theme but with Billy Mays (PCDamonD)
  • The Nutshack Theme but it's painful (ThatCheesyBastard)
  • Feel Nut Inc (Dickrillaz)
  • Nutshack AU where it airs on 2010's Nick (Phil Matibag)
  • I'm Going Back to the PI (The Nutshack)
  • Still Learnin'? Too Late For That! (The Nutshack: The Game)
  • Background Music Medley (The Nutshack)
  • Final Boss (The Nutshack: The Game)

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