The List is a stage from Lawl What-If. It serves as Brad Armstrong's Home Stage.

During the match, every fighter in battle has their name displayed on the List in the middle, with their names being crossed off as the fighters are taken out of the match. This is referencing the List's role in LISA: The Joyful, as the different rulers of Olathe have their name on the List, and are crossed out as you defeat them throughout the game.


  • Summer Love - LISA: The Painful RPG
  • Brokentooth March - LISA: The Joyful
  • 666 Kill Chop Deluxe - LISA: The Joyful
  • Work Harder - LISA: The Painful RPG
  • Bloodmoon Rising - LISA: The Painful RPG
  • Mouth Wide Open - LISA: The Joyful
  • I Am Satan - LISA: The Painful RPG

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