Franchise description

The Frollo Show is a YouTube web series made by chincherrinas, starring Judge Claude Frollo, who goes on wacky misadventures with his best friend, Gaston. It is a crossover of various films, video games, TV shows, etc., with Frollo and Gaston making friends and enemies of various characters. This show is the second most popular of chincherrinas's series.

Connection with Smash Bros. Lawl

This below section is for elements that debuted in The Frollo Show only. For characters that appear in both series, see this category page.


  • World Taste: A playable stage based on the organic lair where Wilford Brimley holds Panty captive seen in Frollo Finally Does It. The mouth-like Jumbotron that watches Frollo and his allies instead plays various clips of The Frollo Show.

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