Starbomb Link
Starbomb Link Character Portrait




The Best Zelda Rap (2014)



Played by

Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson


Defensive (Zoning)

Moveset Vdeo Music

It's Dangerous To Go Alone - Starbomb (Instrumental)


That's Right I'm Back

Link rides on a spinner rapping "That's right, I'm back".

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Z-Target Dance

Pressing B will spawn a Z-Target, which you can aim only up and down. Press B again and Link will spit some rhymes in the arrow's direction. You have to aim to lock onto opponent, the Z-Target doesn't auto-lock to them. The closer you are to an opponent, the more damage and knockback the rap will do.

Side B - Background Vocals

Link will create an area with Danny's background vocals, which won't initially effect anyone. But since they are background vocals, they enhance the quality of Link's rapping, making the attack do twice as much damage as normal if the soundwave projectile passes through it. Link can have up to two of these onstage at a time, and each will last for 10 seconds.

Up B - Ocarina

Your standard teleport recovery after pressing and holding B, use the control stick to steer a cursor to where you want to teleport. Let go of B to do so.

Down B - Old Man

The Old Man will sprout from the ground and start creepily walking along the stage. If he comes in contact with an opponent, he'll have with them. The Old Man loves a struggle, so the less horny you are, the longer he'll hold on.

Final Smash - Wanna Go Ganon?

Link raps "Wanna go, Ganon? Get your pig ass over here and try me!" Then Ganon comes out of his cave and onto the battlefield. Ganon will attack anyone in his range. He won't move from the spot you summoned him in. But, since Link is invincible during the 20 seconds Ganon is out, you can try to throw opponents into him.



KOSFX2: "Fuck you!"

Star KOSFX: "Goddammit, Old Man!"

Screen KOSFX: "Ah!"


Up: "That's cool, whatever."

Sd: "Now watch and learn, Navi." Navi: "You're a stupid piece of sh*t!"

Dn: "Old school."

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: "How was that? Those raps do anything for you?"

Victory 2: "But now my confidence is at an all-time high, because Navi just anointed me the 'Hero of Rhyme'!"

Victory 3: Several creatures play a groovy tune, then Link walks in and says "Stop the chilled out groove! Jeez!"

Lose/Clap: *Lies down on the ground, with his butthole opened*

Standard Attacks

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack - ???
  • Dash Attack - Link rides on a spinner.
  • Forward tilt - ???
  • Up tilt - ???
  • Down tilt - ???
  • Side Smash - Draws back a bow and arrow, with the arrow becoming a projectile.
  • Up Smash - ???
  • Down Smash - ???

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - ???
  • F-Air - ???
  • B-Air - ???
  • U-Air - Link swings his sword upward.
  • D-Air - ???


  • Grab - Link gets Navi to grab the opponent.
  • Pummel - ???
  • Forward Throw- ???
  • Back Throw - Link spins in a tornado, sucking up nearby opponents.
  • Up Throw - ???
  • Down Throw - ???

Other Attacks

  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

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