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Stage Names

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Every stage in Smash Bros. Lawl serves as the initial battlefield for all of these Internet phenomena to battle in an all-out brawl. Right after Robotnik's inclusion, each character received their own stage in one big stage-showcase video (down below). Afterwards, each character's stage would be shown during their taunts, or in Classic Mode. Like in Brawl, each stage contains a collection of songs fitting in with the series' stage, along with the occasional stage hazard. Keep in mind that every so often Chincherrinas will edit a stage's design, whether it be ascetically (animations, smaller platforms added) or a complete make-over.


Lawl Stages
Lawl Nova Stages

Kruel KOs

A Kruel KO is a new stage mechanic that, while specific to execute, ends a match in an awesome or funny way. The requirements of pulling off a Kruel KO are:

  • The opponent must be at 120%+ and on their last stock.
  • The KO must be the last in the match, i.e. the game-finishing KO
  • The opponent must be KO'd either upwards, downwards or sideways, depending on the stage.
  • You must be at less than 120% damage.

So far the only three stages to receive Kruel KOs were Meen's Lair, Epic Sax Stage and Madotsuki's Balcony.


  • In Lawl, Chincherrinas was originally thinking of making a character be without a stage to follow up in the Super Smash Bros's series tradition (Ness and Captain Falcon didn't have stages in Smash 64, Marth and Roy didn't have stages in Melee, and ROB didn't get a stage in Brawl and Smash 4 for Wii U). That character without a stage is Carlos Trejo. Later, it was revealed that Weird Al doesn't have an Stage too.

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