Spitting Image Ronald Reagan
"The American economy is perfectly safe in my hands, eh all three of them"


Spitting Image


Spitting Image (1985)

Appears in

Throw Some Lawl Back At Em





Played by

Chris Barrie / Frank Welker






Good Morning, Mr. President

Reagan gets out of bed and steps onto the battlefield to engage in combat.

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Pick Up the Phone

Reagan answers the phone. If you press B again, he'll throw it, obviously dealing damage to the opponent that gets hit by it. If you don't throw it, Reagan will start to make some naughty noises. Eventually, Caspar runs to the stage, knocking everyone/thing out of his way. It's possible to stop Caspar by using a quick attack. Due to Caspar not being there to stop Reagan, the president will get hurt. Caspar shouldn't be summoned while Reagan's answering a call creepily on a moving platform.

Side B - Arcade Excitement

Reagan appears with a helmet on and drives around with an arcade cabinet. While the attack seems to be strong, the power goes out after 2 seconds pass. It's also uncancelable, and handicaps you from performing a second jump to get back to the battlefield.

Up B - Braintower

Reagan's cranium extends upward and out of his own skull. As it jolts up, it can attack opponents overhead and block jumping opponents. With this, you can also reach higher platforms.

Down B - Bedtime for Bonzo

Reagan's pet monkey takes his place. Bonzo will take the hits instead of Reagan. Bonzo can move around and perform some subtle attacks. When Bonzo is KO'd or 6 seconds pass, Reagan gets back to fighting.

Final Smash - One Hell of a Nurse

A pair of buttons appear in front of the president. He then accidentally presses the nuke button when he meant to push the nurse button, and then the stage gets nuked. The only way to avoid it is by keeping your balance on the stage. After the nuke, Reagan points out that that's one hell of a nurse.




Up: "Who am I? It's a mystery."

Sd: "The American economy is perfectly safe in my hands. Eh, All three of them."

Dn: "Who's this guy, 'Rea-Gan'?"

Victory Options

1. "What did I win, Ed? A holiday? A TV?"

2. *kissed by Margaret Thatcher*

3. Reagan says "Goodbye, world!", then pushes a button, causing the Earth to explode.

Failure/Clap: Looking peeved

Standard Attacks

Neutral Jabs:

Dash Attack: Rides on his arcade cabinet.

Smash Attacks

  • Sd: Points a pistol forward and fires
  • Up:
  • Dn: Throws a portrait of Frank Sinatra downwards

Tilt Attacks 

  • Sd:
  • Up: Rubs his arm across his head
  • Dn:

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air:
  • F-Air:
  • B-Air:
  • U-Air:
  • D-Air


  • The moveset is getting a remake, due to the original video being rushed.