These are all of the Game Grump codec messages for the characters of Smash Bros Lawl X. Characters are listed in alphabetical order and will include references to their source material and interesting trivia about each call. Grammatical mistakes are also left as they were initially presented in each original message.
Game Grump Codecs

Angry German Kid

Egoraptor/Arin: Well there's Angry german kid.

Danny: Huh. I would have thought that guy would be in his twenties by now.

Egoraptor/Arin: I mean if the guys running this tournament can go to different worlds, who's to say they couldn't travel through to time as well?

Danny: Arin, this whole thing is starting to sound like a weird sci-fi movie.

Egoraptor/Arin: Hey I'm not the one that's completely and flying on keyboards through am I?

Danny: Point taken.


Danny: What the fuck is that?

Egoraptor/Arin: That's Hitoshi.

Danny: Jesus Christ, look at him!

Egoraptor/Arin: Ha ha ha.

Danny: He looks like he was drawn by a 5 year old.

Egoraptor/Arin: It gets worse.

Danny: Look at his fucking chin! He looks like a children's art project that doesn't want to be alive.

Egoraptor/Arin: Ah ha ha ha

Danny: I bet he sucks at fighting.

Egoraptor/Arin: Hey look, don't talk shit about Hitoshi ok? He will fucking destroy you.

Danny: Really Arin?

Egoraptor/Arin: Fuck no. Lets beat the shit out of him already.

Danny: Ok ok.

Jen Masterson

Danny: So who's this young lady?

Egoraptor/Arin: That's Jen Masterson.

Danny: Ok. So what's special about her?

Egoraptor/Arin: I don't know. I think she just an normal teenager.

Danny: Are you serious? Ha ha ha. What even is this tournament?

Egoraptor/Arin: I couldn't tell you man.

Danny: I guess we'll just beat up a teenager and be done with it then.

Karl Pilkington

Danny: So who is this guy?

Egoraptor/Arin: You know. Actually I have no idea.

Danny: Well then what are we meant to talk about?

Ricky Gervails: I can help you with that.

Egoraptor/Arin: *Gasp* Ricky Gervails?

Ricky Gervails: I thought it'd be nice for you to get to know him a little bit better.

This is Karl Pilkington. Look at his little , roundy, baldy, manky head.

Danny: He is indeed bald.

Egoraptor/Arin: And round.

Ricky Gervails: He is a man with no qualifications, very little education, but who is now known the world over as a shaven chimp with a head like a fucking orange.

Egoraptor/Arin: So basically, he's a fucking idiot.

Ricky Gervails: Yes.

Danny: Right well thanks for the help Ricky and we'll see you later.

Ricky Gervails: Bye.


Danny: Well you're the anime expert, know who this is?

Egoraptor/Arin: That's Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.

Danny: I can't quite tell how old she is. Is she like, 10 years old or something.

Egoraptor/Arin: She's 17.

Danny: Get the fuck out of here Arin.

Egoraptor/Arin: She also shoots fucking laser beams from her eye so watch out for that.

Danny: This is so weird.


Danny: Oh hey, it's Peridot

Egoraptor/Arin: Oh hey it is. I love using clod.

Danny: Clod is good.

Egoraptor/Arin: Which, aw who called me clod the other day and I was like where did you get that? Eh he he, it's like, it's my wo-you can't have that!

Danny: I remember the first time you were like you fucking clod and I was like I know it shouldn't hurt but-

Egoraptor/Arin: Eh he he he.

Danny: It really does a sting. The fact that you would bring a name, like a word out of retirement just to insult me.

Egoraptor/Arin: Because it's fucking, it's a great word, it has such a fucking hit to it.

Danny: Yeah it is pretty-

Egoraptor/Arin: CLOD!


Danny: Hey isn't it that guy from SpongeBob?

Egoraptor/Arin: Oh yeah it's whats his face... Plankton.

Danny: Geez these guys just get worse and worse as they go on.

Egoraptor/Arin: Hey at least we don't have to fight some random boring guy that nobody even knows or cares about.

Danny: That is true. So I bet his food stinks right?

Egoraptor/Arin: Oh yeah. Stay away from that. This food tastes like abunch of poopy ass dicks.

Danny: Ha ha oh god let's not start that again.


Danny: So who's this guy?

Egoraptor/Arin: That's Serph. He's from Digital Devil Saga.

Danny: I've never even heard of that game. Have you?

Egoraptor/Arin: No.

Danny: Well then.

Egoraptor/Arin: All I know is that he shoots a lot and he turns into a monster that can freeze people so watch out.

Danny: Got it.

Scott Pilgrim

Egoraptor/Arin: Oh hey, it's Scott Pilgrim!

Danny: Yeah but, isn't it just Michael Cera dressed up as Scott Pilgrim?

Egoraptor/Arin: Um, I don't know actually. He seems pretty convinced he's Scott Pilgrim?

Danny: Huh....this competition is weird.

Egoraptor/Arin: Tell me about it. So I guess this means he fights like a video character?

Danny: Yeah. Better watch out for his uppercuts and counter attacks and other shit.

Egoraptor/Arin: Got it.


Egoraptor/Arin: Hey look it's Stewie from Family Guy.

Danny: Oh shit! I'm excited to play this!

Egoraptor/Arin: Uh, I'm excited to play too.

Danny: Oh yeah um-

Egoraptor/Arin: Pe-Pe-Peter.

Danny: Ah ha ha ha!

Egoraptor/Arin: Oh I'm so sorry Peter. Pe-Pe-Pe-Pe-Peter.

Danny: Know who my favorite, uh, baseball player is?

Egoraptor/Arin: Who?

Danny: Derek Peter.

Egoraptor/Arin: A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Danny: I'm just not a cheater.

Egoraptor/Arin: Ah ha ha ha.

Danny: I am not good enough at that voice to make that repetitive joke.

Egoraptor/Arin: You know who my favorite character from Doug was?

Danny: Who?

Egoraptor/Arin: Skeeter.

Danny: He he he.

Egoraptor/Arin: By the way, beating Stewie will be so much sweeter.

Danny: He he he yeah! Now you're getting it!


Danny: Jesus Christ, this guy's crazy.

Egoraptor/Arin: That's Stinkmeaner. He's a crazy old man that got taught kung fu by the devil.

Danny: Jesus, he's still ranting at us.

Stinkmeaner: Bitch ass niggas!

Egoraptor/Arin: Look, we are not black, get your fucking insults right!

Danny: Yeah, we really need to make this guy shut the fuck up.

Egoraptor/Arin: I'm right there with you man.


Danny: Arin, this girl's scaring the shit outta me.

Egoraptor/Arin: Uhhhhh shit.

Danny: Arin?

Egoraptor/Arin: Sorry what?

Danny: Arin help me out, I don't know anything about this girl.

Egoraptor/Arin: Um, that's Yuno. She's a yandere. Basically, she won't stop until she's murdered everyone. So yeah good luck with that.

Danny: Arin you piece of shit, help me out of here!

Egoraptor/Arin: Are you fucking kidding me?

Yuno: Are you two talking about me?



Danny: Arin, there's a small alien screaming at us.

Egoraptor/Arin: Oh shit it's Zim!

Danny: Zim?

Egoraptor/Arin: He was on a show on Nickelodeon. Like the most show on Nickelodeon, it got cancelled after two seasons. He got a huge cult fanbase though.

Danny: No shit?

Egoraptor/Arin: Yeah. Careful though, his weird alien tech can really fuck you up. I think he might even try to steal our organs.

Danny: Well that just sounds wonderful.


  • In Plankton's Codec, Danny refers to how much worse the SpongeBob SquarePants Series is considered to be after its third season. In the same codec, Arin refers to Carlos Trejo.


  • Karl, Yuno, and Stinkmeaner are the only three codecs so far that has a 3th character in it.

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