These are all of the Jameson codec messages for the characters of Smash Bros Lawl. Characters are listed in alphabetical order and will include references to their source material and interesting trivia about each call. Grammatical mistakes are also left as they were initially presented in each original message.

Codec Snake

Parker: This strange being guy you couldn't fire from codecs... is he your friend?

Jameson: Shut up. Photos.

(A photo of Snake having plans to kill Palutena is shown)

Parker: He really hates her.

Jameson: That's pretty good... but I can't use it.

Parker: Why?

Jameson: Just... can't...

Parker: Mr. Jameson has a friend...



  • Parker references the time where Snake almost got fired from codecs.



Jameson: Alright I've been sending you to France so the public can see Frollo for the fake he really is!

Peter: Let's turn the whole city against him! I've got you this!

[A picture of Frollo and Gaston on a wooden seesaw is shown]

Jameson: Parker! What are you, deaf? I want Frollo with his hand in a cookie jar!

Peter: ...I understand...

[A picture of Frollo standing over Panty stripping in the fire is shown]

Jameson: Hahaha! I finally got to him! Catch him in the act! But I can't have a geezer cumming on my front page! YOU ARE FIRED! HEEELL FIRED!

Peter: No... please... please don't say that!

Jameson: Out the front door. Goodbye!


  • Both photos reference Frollo's characterization in The Frollo Show. Both Frollo and Gaston are seen together playing like bros, and Frollo is seen lusting over Panty in his Magic Fire


  • This was the first Jameson message revealed.


Jameson: Think I might've heard a crazy rumor that Mary isn't human... show photos.

(photo of Mary unleashing her power is shown)

Parker: I'd like $300.

Jameson: Girl with powers... you serious? Could get that as cheap as cheese and crackers in this tournament! The crazy rumor also says she comes from a haunted museum... Get there and bring me decent photos!

Parker: Yes sir.

(cue montage of photos of Parker freaking out in Guertena's gallery)

Jameson: That was fast.



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