There are various attacks in Smash Bros Lawl that cause the slash effect. Usually inflicted by sharp objects, slash attacks can be indicated with a "slashing" sound effect.

List of slash attacks

By characters

  • King Harkinian - neutral attack, down tilt, up smash
  • I.M. Meen - Meen Speen, dash attack, forward air
  • Leonidas - Spartan Spear, Spartan Jump (Spartan), Drinking Formation (spear), neutral attack, side tilt, up tilt, down air
  • Tommy Wiseau - forward air
  • Madotsuki - neutral attack
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - Pens, up smash
  • Irate Gamer - Plagiarism (when copying characters with slash neutral specials)
  • Frollo - Flamant Support, down tilt, side smash, forward throw
  • Stocking - Stripes I & II, Stripecopter, Fly Away Now (multi-slash), neutral attack, all smash attacks, up air
  • Billy Mays - down smash
  • Yomika - Kingfisher (feasting), floor attack, side smash
  • Ib - Lady in Red, side smash, down smash, up air
  • Kneesocks - Double Gold Lacytanga, Scythecopter, down tilt
  • Nicolas Cage - up smash
  • Best Hercules - Best Bow, side tilt, side smash
  • New Hercules - up smash
  • Aya - side smash, up smash
  • J. Jonah Jameson - side smash
  • Mary - Veins of Fury, Reality Butcher, LEEEEEeeeEEEeeAVE!!, side smash
  • Codec Snake - Sword of Words

By items

By enemies and bosses

By stage hazards


  • Ib's slash attacks use unique sound effects instead of the normal one from other characters' slash attacks, which is directly taken from her game. This also applies to the Headless Statues.