Sir Pokon de Joy the 8th
Sir Pokon Portrait
"Good afternoon to everyone, gentlemen"




Anticinema Time (2014)

Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by

Carlos Romero


Neutral B: Moneybending

Sir Pokon takes off his Top Hat and puts it in front of him. Gold, money and small objects that are near Sir Pokon will orbit around him before getting inside of his Top Hat. Each thing he collects will reward him with money that will be stored with an invisible money counter, which is later used on his Side B. Without the hat, Sir Pokon recieves more damage from physical attacks and projectiles that are too big for his hat, so be careful.

Move Origin

In the Retropokon's Second Anniversary Special, during the fight against ZakMega as the Card King/Tzar/Pharaoh, Sir Pokon absorbs ZakMega's beams using his top hat.

Side B: Top Hat

Sir Pokon takes off his Top Hat and releases something out of it that depends on the money you have and how much you charge the attack. By just tapping the button, Sir Pokon will throw a coin, that will work like a projectile and will fall into the ground and become a pilable item if it doesn't touch an enemy. Charge up the attack and Sir Pokon will spend the money on a buyable item. The item will cost more the more useful it is (for example, Sans' Hot Dogs cost 30 coins and a Smash Ball costs 50 coins). If you don't have money, Sir Pokon will release an extendable boxing glove that will deal damage and grab on ledges. This glove also appears if you are near a ledge.

Move Origin

Sir Pokon often has stuff inside his Top Hat, including his money, which was first seen in Retropokon 4: Lego Spanish Movie. From that episode also comes the extendable boxing glove, which is used by him to "pay" MegaZak after he brought him a glass of water.

Up B: You're Fired/Umbrella Copter

When Sir Pokon is alone, he'll activate a launcher under him that will launch him upwards. He'll then proceed to glide down using his umbrella, in a similar way to Peach. If you are next to an opponent, Sir Pokon will instead activate the launcher under them, launching them upwards while dealing a lot of knockback but not that much damage. In the air, this move is replaced by the Umbrella Copter, in which Sir Pokon will turn his umbrella into a helicopter and propell upwards.

Move Origin

The launcher comes from The Dark Side of the Fans 1: Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour. Sir Pokon explains that he isn't surprised to see Jimmy Nutrin flying because he has seen plenty of people flying on his job, a scene that cuts to a flashback in which Sir Pokon launches Skapokon, Wai and MegaZak into the sky using a launcher. The umbrella comes from The NOT Halloween Special, as he uses it to fly away from the basement after the Burger King statue comes to life. Finally, the Umbrella Copter comes from the First Anniversary Special, as one of the many attacks that Sir Pokon uses during the RPG segment (the launcher also appears here).

Down B: Gramophone

Sir Pokon drops his gramophone, which is able to absorb non-physical attacks until it gets damaged enough and explodes. Press Down B again and Sir Pokon will play his gramophone, creating a sound wave that does more or less damage depending on how much did it absorb. The wave is also able to reflect projectiles. Sir Pokon is the only one who can pick it up and throw it to release all the absorbed damage in form of an explosion. Be careful, as it can be destroyed when Sir Pokon is holding it.

Move Origin

In the First Anniversary Special, when talking about John Goes to the Bar, Dr. Pandemia mentions that the ending in which John crashes with his car is cruel and not funny, and that the only thing that would top it was if in the next episode John got AIDS. After that happens right in the next episode, Sir Pokon reminds Pandemia that he predicted the future by playing a recording of him saying that with a Gramophone.

Final Smash: Buying the Stage

Sir Pokon will say that the place the opponents are standing on is part of his property, and a replica of his mansion will appear, damaging opponents. If there are still opponents alive, the battle will continue inside of Sir Pokon's Mansion, where "Sir PoCon's Birthday Party" is taking place. Inside the mansion, all of the opponents become Worst versions of themselves, Lego versions of themselves or recolors of Pablo, Jill and Pablo's Abuelo. These versions are weaker than the originals, except for Sir Pokon's worst, which is giant. After all opponents get KO'd, the match will continue on another stage and everyone will go back to normal. During 1on1 battles, Sir Pokon will not turn into his worst version. If, after 1 minute, not all of the opponents get KO'd, "Sir PoCon's Abuelo" will arrive and throw a movie take at the opponents, which KO by one hit. If even after throwing the take the opponents haven't been KO'd yet, the Abuelo will return after the stage has changed, working as a boss who will help Sir Pokon.

This Final Smash changes in the Birthday Party stage. In it, Sir Pokon will fly away from the party and the floor will disappear, leaving the Bandicam Logo as the only platform. After this, the stage will also change to another one, and the KO'd opponents will become their Worst versions until they get KO'd or get a Final Smash.

Move Origin

Creating the mansion comes from the Second Anniversary Special, in which Sir Pokon builds a replica of his mansion right where ZakMega was lying after falling down from the sky, launching him into the air as well. However, the birthday party comes from The Dark Side of the Fans 1. After seeing how popular the creator of Jimmy Nutrin had become just because of his weird animations, Sir Pokon decides to create one too, called "Sir PoCon's Party", which is a very surreal animation about Sir PoCon throwing a party where he invites MegaZak AND WUN, who end up being killed by Sir PoCon's Abuelo.

KO Sounds

  • KO Sound 1: "No!"
  • KO Sound 2: "Oh no! What an unpleasant tragedy!"
  • Star KO Sound: "Nooooooo!"
  • Screen KO Sound: *spits tea*


  • Up Taunt: *"curses" while referencing a family member*
  • Side Taunt: *takes a Fighting Frisbee* "En garde, crook!"
  • Side Taunt (after he gets attacked): "Fine, kill me, but leave my money alone!"
  • Down Taunt: *drinks Green Tea with Spices, healing 1%*
  • Down Taunt (after he gets attacked or you use this taunt while he's already taunting): *spits tea*

Victory Poses/Losing Pose

  • Option 1: *puts on Darth Vader's helmet*
  • Option 2 (more common on team battles): "I'm Brichish! (repeatedly)" -Dr. Pandemia: "I'm from Huronia! (repeatedly)" (his team mates will also repeatedly say their nationality)
  • Option 3: *rises his foot up several times*
  • Lose Pose: *gets inflated, flies off the stage, explodes and his hat falls off*

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