Shadaloo is the criminal organization lead by M Bison in Street Fighter, dealing biochemical drugs and weapons. This is the same Shadaloo lead by Toon Bison in the Street Fighter Cartoon and the Subspace Emissary. Toon Bison and Shadaloo are rivaled by Toon Guile and the Street Fighters, who aim at taking down the organization.

Shadaloo Soldiers

Shadaloo Guard

The lowest ranked members of Shadaloo. They stand perfectly still, occasionally shooting a laser. Small characters, like Ib can easily avoid the laser shots. They are also extremely frail, almost always dying in one hit. They are quite possibly the weakest enemies in all of Subspace Emissary.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

Toon Bison and Shadaloo first appear in Guertana Gallery. The Subspace Army tracks down large amounts of energy coming from a museum showcasing the works of the late artist Guertana. So, Toon Bison and other Shadaloo members are sent to the museum to clear everybody out while Hitler and Günsche investigate the source of the power. Apparently, Toon Bison decided to take things a little further, mainly by vandalizing the gallery with drawings of himself, the Sadaloo insignia, and the word YES (all in (possibly) red crayon), while taking all the museum goers as hostages. After an encounter with Toon Guile (who was sent to intervene with Shadaloo) and Ib, Toon Bison and Toon Balrog escaped, leaving Toon Sagat to deal with the two. He is defeated, as he retreats alongside Toon Bison.

Notable Members of Shadaloo

  • Toon Balrog (High Tanked member)

External Link

Shadaloo on the Street Fighter Wiki[1]

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