Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Intro




RWBY (2013)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl X





Played by

Lindsay Jones




Weiss Schnee

Moveset Video Music


Incoming Red Rose

Ruby dashes in a blur.


Neutral B: Sniper Mode

Ruby switches the Crescent Rose, her weapon, to sniper mode. In this mode, all her normal attacks are replaced with shots that cause huge knockback. You cannot move in this mode. You can only shoot 5 times until Ruby uses her Down B. Press B again to return to normal.

Side-B: Speed Semblance

Ruby dashes forward in a blur. Going past opponents will stun them with no damage. She cannot be damaged while dashing. However, dashing through both a projectile and an opponent causes the projectile to attack him or her.

Up-B: Diving Slice

Ruby jumps up into the air. Holding down B lets you glide in the air for a maximum of 5 seconds. After cancelling, Ruby will drop down and slice anyone underneath her.

Down-B: Locker Rocket

Ruby will order her locker to come to the stage. As it descends, it will aim for an opponent but it is still avoidable. If Ruby presses Down B next to the locker, she can reload her sniper rifle. However, it's one bullet per second. The locker stays until it gets destroyed.

Final Smash: Silver Eyes

Ruby freezes the whole stage with the power of her silver eyes causing everyone to be frozen solid until Ruby attacks them. When freed, the opponents' speed will be halved and the stage will be extra slippery. The effect lasts for 15 seconds.

KO Sounds

  • KO Sound 1: Birdy no!
  • KO Sound 2: Aaah!
  • Star KO Sound: Oh god it's happening again!
  • Screen KO Sound: Filth!


  • Up Taunt: I drink milk!
  • Side Taunt: Mimics karate chopping.
  • Down Taunt: Ha ha ha! Na!

Victory Poses/Lose Pose

  • Victory Pose 1: Puts the Crescent Rose away and leaves with Zwei.
  • Victory Pose 2: Poses with the Crescent Rose.
  • Victory Pose 3: "Can I have your autograph?"
  • Lose Pose: Sits in disappointment.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Ruby Rose04:31

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Ruby Rose

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