Hello, Edboys!

Rolf breaks the 4th wall by opening a hole, greeting the "Edboys".

Special Attacks

Neutral B - Helpful Bell

Rolf will toss a bell forward. This will attach to the opponent, but it won't do any damage. What it will do however is cancel one of the opponent's B moves (except the up one) for 10 seconds. If the opponent tries to activated the cancelled move, they'll instead ring their bell and Rolf will dash towards them and hit them. The hit can't be avoided once activated.


Rolf will screech Victor's name, causing him to run across the stage. He can't be damaged or stopped by anything, not even reflecting, and he'll bounce off walls. Hold B while summoning him or press B when he comes in contact with Rolf to ride him. From here you can control Victor's direction, but he won't stop moving. You can also jump while riding Victor or jump off of him.


Wilfred will give Rolf a lift and jump upwards with him on his back. You can slightly alter the angle pre-flight.

Down B - Bartering Pole

Rolf will stab the pole into the ground and wait for a command to be inputted. Press left or right to smack the pole in said directions. Press up to launch yourself upwards from the pole. If you're next to an opponent while initiating this move, you'll pin them to the ground, similar to Corrin's Side B.

Final Smash - Fish Duel of Honor

Rolf- "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!" Rolf will begin smacking the opponent with his dueling fish. The opponent will then apologize, where then Rolf will ask if they brought the Cupcakes of Sorryness. From here, the opponent has to make a choice. Either press A and give Rolf the Cupcakes of Sorryness (heals Rolf fully) or press B and be smacked to death.





Screen KOSFX: "Aaaah"


Up: *Blows into kettle*

Sd: "The humble beet is the answer to all riddles!"

Dn: *Has shirt over head and howls*

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Victory 1: "A celebration I say!"

Victory 2: "Gather 'round Rolf as I cannot contain the Christmas mirth growing on my back hairs!"

Victory 3: "Come! Join Rolf for the traditional eels of forgiveness!"

Lose/Clap: *Sits and stares*

Standard Attacks

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack - ???
  • Dash Attack - ???
  • Forward tilt - ???
  • Up tilt - Kicks upwards behind him.
  • Down tilt - Buries his face into the ground.
  • Side Smash - Swings Victor forwards.
  • Up Smash - Pulls his clam, "Bobo" out from his pockets.
  • Down Smash - ???

Aerial Attacks

  • N-Air - ???
  • F-Air - Smacks both of his hands in front of him.
  • B-Air - ???
  • U-Air - ???
  • D-Air - Swings a slab of meat below him.


  • Grab - ???
  • Pummel - ???
  • Forward Throw- ???
  • Back Throw - ???
  • Up Throw - ???
  • Down Throw - ???

Other Attacks

  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Front attack: ???
  • Back attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???


  • Rolf was the only Lawl character to get a moveset along with someone else.

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