Reflection is the process of reflecting projectiles; the projectile then becomes property of the reflector's user and is often redirected to hit the original attacker. Projectiles that are reflected will do varied damage or fly at different speeds.

Attacks with reflecting abilities

User Attack Damage multiplier Speed multiplier
Tommy Wiseau Untouchable 1.0 1.0
Mama Luigi Magic Balloon ? 1.0
Irate Gamer Convenient Mirror .5 .5
Stocking Stripes I & II ? ?
Kneesocks Double Gold Lacytanga ? 1.0
Nicolas Cage Unmasker 1.0 ?
Best Hercules Think! 3.0 3.0

In addition to the above attacks, Jaime Maussan's Portal Dimensional and Don Ramon's Presta, while technically not reflectors, are able to grab items and store them for later use.

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