Persian Messenger
"No man threatens a messenger!"





Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl

The Persian Messenger is a major member of the Persian Army, appearing as a Subspace Emissary boss.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

The Persian Messenger serves as a major member of the Subspace Army. During Leonidas' search for Dr. Robotnik, he comes across the Persian Messenger, who lambents the last time they met and challenges Leonidas to a battle. Leonidas defeats the Messenger, who speeds away on his horse. His horse doesn't see where it's going and accidentally knocks the Messenger down a well.


  • The Persian Messenger zips across the screen with his horse, dealing significant damage and possibly breaking shields.
  • The Persian Messenger zips in front of the player. It does no damage, and mostly serves as a distraction for the next attack.
  • The Persian Messenger summons an offscreen Persian Archer, who fires a flaming arrow on the player. He can be tricked into firing the arrow onto the wooden rod in the middle of the arena, setting it ablaze. The fire halts the Messenger when he charges, causing his horse to whinny and move the other direction; this is the only window of opportunity where he's vulnerable.
  • The Persian Messenger summons three Persian soldiers.
  • The Persian Messenger throws three explosive skulls offscreen. They can instantly break shields.


In 300, the Persian Messenger serves as an emissary sent from Persia along with other emissaries to Greece, demanding the submission of Sparta to King Xerxes. Leonidas, however, disobeys Xerxes and kicks the Messenger down a pit. This scene has become the most iconic scene from the movie, being used in countless YouTube Poops and remixes.

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