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Comic Centre




The Big Bang Theory

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Lawl Nova

Comic Centre is a stage in Lawl Nova. It serves as Sheldon Cooper's stage and it's based on the real life location of the same name which also appears in The Big Bang Theory.

The shelves from both sides can be hit to generate items.

Stage Evolution

This stage was first introduced in CD-i Zelda's Moveset. Back then, the stage's layout was very different. The stage was way smaller and had 3 shelves that acted like platforms. Unlike in the future versions, each shelve was completely different, and one of them was partially outside of the stage.

In Worst Hercules' moveset, this stage was remade. The design was quite similar to the design it has nowadays, but it was a bit smaller.

The most recent design was introduced in 60's Spider-Man's moveset, where the stage was made bigger than the previous versions.


  • The History of Everything - The Big Bang Theory
  • The History of Everything (Instrumental) - The Big Bang Theory
  • Howard's Song to Bernadette - The Big Bang Theory
  • Main Theme - Star Trek: The New Generation
  • Blaster Proof - Kinect Star Wars
  • Options - Comix Zone
  • The Nerds' Theme - Bully
  • Thor VS Indiana Jones - The Big Bang Theory

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