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Undertale- Bonetrousle Undertale- Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans Undertale- Megalovania

Mechanic: Tag Team

Papyrus and Sans are an unusual Tag-Team. Instead of having a move that switches them up, there are a few ways to change between the two. Not only that, but you can also play as a separated Skelebro if you are not fond of Tag Teams.

In Tag-Team Mode, you always begin as Papyrus, with the 1/10 chance of starting with Sans. To change from Papyrus to Sans, you have to either get killed with Papyrus' Final Smash, he gets KO'd with more than 300%, all opponents and Papyrus get KO'd at the same time. or you simply switch to Sans during your last life. The Sans featured in Tag Team mode is Genocide Sans, who is much stronger.

To change from Papyrus to Sans, you have to either Down Taunt in front of him, use your Final Smash or get KO'd.

When Papyrus isn't fighting, he'll be in the background trying to make his labyrinth to work, while Sans will be in his Hot Dog stand. You can buy Hot Dogs by using your Down Taunt, and they become food. Buying Hot Dogs will cost 30 coins from the in-game currency, though.

Moveset (Papyrus)

Neutral B: Blue Attack

Papyrus makes bones appear, which will slide forwards. Bones are primarily blue, which will deal damage only to enemies that are moving and turn opponents blue no matter what, and will stay like that until they get hit (being blue is just a cosmetic change, though. There can also be white bones, which deal damage all the times. This attack can be charged to make Papyrus shoot more bones, and the more you charge or spam this attack, the more possibilities there are to throw white bones. Bones also vary in size, and can be broken by hitting them at the right time.

Move Origin

This attack comes from Papyrus' Boss Battle, in which his attacks consist on throwing bones of different sizes, both white (which deal regular damage) and blue (which only damage you if you don't move). The bones turning the characters blue is a reference to the "Blue Attack" that Papyrus uses at the beginning of the battle, in which he throws a barrage of blue bones and then turns the player's soul blue.

Side B: Racecar Bed

Papyrus jumps on his Racecar Bed, which works like a real car. To make it accelerate, you have to repeatedly press B. The faster you go, the more damage the car will deal, but you cannot turn so you must be careful not to fall off.

Move Origin

When you visit Papyrus' house for the date, he has in his room a bed shaped like a racecar, and if you check it he'll tell you that he wants to drive it on the surface's highways once Asgore frees the monsters from the Underground. In the credits of the True Pacifist Ending, there's a part where we can see Papyrus doing exactly that.

Up B: Flying Spaghetti Monster

Papyrus cooks some Spaghetti and places it into the ground, and then he'll rise up while slurping it. While on the highest point of the Spaghetti you can jump, or else you'll go back where you started. If an opponent eats the spaghetti, Papyrus will fall.

Move Origin

This move is just a reference to Papyrus' love of cooking Spaghetti, which often ends up freezing up and stuck to the table.

Down B: Electric Orb

Papyrus places an orb in the opponent's head if they are close. If not, Papyrus will electrocute himself. After placing it, you have to move for about a second to trace an invisible path that the opponent must follow. If you don't follow it or don't move for 5 seconds, you'll get electrocuted. If you follow the trace correctly or get electrocuted 5 times, the orb will disappear.

Move Origin

This is a reference to one of the puzzles that Papyrus prepares on Snowdin. The puzzle consists on an invisible labyrinth that you have to cross with an orb on your head. If you don't follow the invisible path, the orb will electrocute you. This puzzle ends up becoming easier than what one would expect, since Papyrus forgets to give you the orb, and reveals the pathway with his footsteps when he goes on the other side of the labyrinth to give it to you.

Final Smash: FIGHT or MERCY

The FIGHT and MERCY icons from Undertale appear, and you get to choose one of them, with varying effects:

  • FIGHT: The closest enemy gets turned into a soul and Papyrus will use a "completely normal attack", which has to be dodged like in the original game.
  • MERCY: When picking this option, it is now the opponent's time to choose what to do. If they spare you, both will be healed completely or recieve an extra life if you have 0%. Not only that, but the opponent will become now part of your team. If all opponents get Spared, everyone wins. If they attack Papyrus, they'll instantly kill him, but it doesn't count as a lost life. If you are playing as just Papyrus, he'll come back, but if now, he'll be replaced by Genocide Sans, which is an overpowered version of Sans that will stay until he misses an attack or gets defeated.

Move Origin

The move in general is a reference to the morality system of Undertale, in which you can either fight the enemies or spare them. Both options of this Final Smash are references to the battle against Papyrus. The FIGHT option is based on the "Completely Normal Attack" that Papyrus uses at the end of his battle. The MERCY option comes from what happens afterwards, which is that Papyrus decides to spare you. You can either spare him back, or attack him, which will automatically kill him no matter how much health does he have.

Moveset (Sans)

Neutral B: Trom-BONE

Sans will throw bones in random directions with telekinesis instead of making them slide. This attack can be spammed, but doing so will increase the possibilities of Sans falling asleep.

Move Origin

Much like Papyrus, Sans is able to throw bones during his battle. The way he uses them is a reference to Sans' telekinetic powers rather than how the bones function in-game. This way of throwing bones is often commonly seen in SFM animations. The sleeping part is a reference to the end of his battle, in which Sans falls asleep, or maybe it's just a reference to his lazyness.

Side B: Hot Dogs

Sans will throw Hot Dogs, which will be piled in the opponent's head if they touch them. These Hot Dogs don't do damage, but instead will slow the opponent down. They are also not food items either, unless the opponent with Hot Dogs in their head get hit by a strong attack (making them to fall off) or the Hot Dogs are either shielded or countered before they can be put in your head.

Move Origin

At a point of the game, you can find Sans selling Hot Dogs (and Hot Cats) in Hotland. If you buy Hot Dogs but your inventory is full, Sans will place the hot dogs in your head.

Up B: Gaster Blaster

Sans will create a Gaster Blaster which will appear in a spot near an opponent and shoot a laser out of its mouth. This attack can be spammed, but Sans does not control when they can appear. When used in mid air, the Gaster Blaster will automatically appear under Sans, shooting the laser downwards to launch him upwards.

Move Origin

This move is used by Sans in his battle. The seemingly random places where the Gaster Blasters appear is referenced in the moveset by making you unable to control where they are going to appear.

Down B: Miss

A counter attack. If Sans gets hit and he uses this attack, he'll teleport himself and reappear behind the opponent. You can even dodge Final Smashes if used correctly. If you don't counter with this move, Sans will fall sleep much like with his Neutral B.

Move Origin

During Sans' Battle, you are not able to attack him because he'll dodge all of your attacks by claiming that "he's not just going to stay there and recieve the blow". The sleeping part is based on the same as the Neutral B.

Final Smash: FIGHT or MERCY

This works exactly like his brother's Final Smash, but the choices do not have the same effect.

  • FIGHT: All the opponents are turned into Souls and have to survive Sans' starting attack. Lose all health during this and you'll get automatically KO'd.
  • MERCY: Sans will turn the nearest opponent into a soul and trap them in a cage of bones, KO'ing them.

If you are playing in Tag-Team mode, Papyrus will replace Sans after the Final Smash.

Move Origin

Much like with Papyrus, this is a reference to Undertale's Morality System, but the effects are instead based on things that happen in Sans' Battle. FIGHT is a reference to the first attack that Sans does, which is his strongest one according to him. MERCY is a reference to an infamous part of this battle in which Sans decides to spare you. If you attack him, he'll dodge it and the battle will continue. But if you spare him back, he traps your soul inside of a bone cage draining your health completely. The Game Over screen is then altered to have an speed-up version of Dogsong instead of the regular song, and the text is replaced with Sans saying "gettttt dunked on!!!!!".

KO Sounds

(Note: These sounds are displayed by text+the voice grunts from the game)


  • Screen KO Sound: "A. A. A. A. A. I AM SCREAMING VERY SLOWLY"


  • KO Sound 1: "i want to move just as much as i need to to let people know i'm still alive"
  • KO Sound 2: "all you gotta do is stay determined. it's working for me, right?"
  • Star KO Sound: "you can basically put here whatever you want"
  • Screen KO Sound: "huh"


(Note: Any spoken dialogue is displayed by text+the voice grunts from the game)


  • Up Taunt: "NYEH HEH HEH!"
  • Side Taunt: "I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS!"


  • Up Taunt: *winks*
  • Side Taunt: *drinks ketchup*
  • Down Taunt: *plays the trombone*

Victory Poses

  • Option 1: *Sans holds a bottle of ketchup and Papyrus holds a plate full of spaghetti*
  • Option 2: *Sans and Papyrus perform a Bro Pose*
  • Option 3: *Sans shrugs while Papyrus looks angry*
  • Option 4 (When "dunking on" the final opponent with Sans' Final Smash): *Undertale's Game Over screen appears while Dogsong plays* "gettttt dunked on!!!!!"
  • Lose Pose: *Papyrus only has his head and Sans is sleeping*


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