Ophella Chill
"I will erase you from history once and for all!"




Ophella Chill

Appears in

YTPGuy17's Smash Bros. Lawl



Played by

Chloe Leamon


Defensive (Zoner, Mix-Up)

Ophelia Chill is the 12th fighter in YTPGuy17's Lawl.

Ophelia is the main antagonist of the Chill Manor video game, which was the sequel to the I.M. Meen game. She stole a book and tried to rewrite history, and was known for erasing the children out of existence when they lost by erasing their names in the book. It was noted that she fell in love with a man named Ignatious, and at the end it was revealed to be I. M. Meen.

She brings her magical utensils and pencil-y powers into-fray, giving a good array of tactics to use at a distance (and even a bit up-close, too!), which fits her style of constant mystical tricks up her sleeve.

Entrance - Chilling Entry

Ophelia arrives through a puffof' smoke.

Special Moves

Neutral B - Amulet Blast

Ophelia uses her amulet to shoot an energy blast. You can press B repeatedly to shoot small blasts, Or you can charge up a big boiy blast by keeping B pressed (like with the Super Scope). This big blast can be aimed, and can absorb others' proyectiles and become stronger. Butt it can still be reflected.

Side B - Magic Eraser

Ophelia uses a Magic Pencil to erase the opponent. Everytime the eraser touches the enemy, he/she gets damage. The eraser can also erase items they carry and some of their special meters (Toon Dr. Mario's Pill meter, Gary Oak's Pokeball kisses, etc.). The bad thing is that if you fail, there is a huge, chungiful lag time.

Up B - Smoke-port

A puff of smoke covers Ophelia and she teleports. When she do this, a star will appear, which you can move for a sec to choose the place you want to teleport. Butt there's a limited (butt admittedly larhg) radius to move it. If you don't move it, Ophelia will teleport upwards. The teleport can be cancelled with an attacking by Ophelia.

Down B - History Change

Ophelia uses her magic book and she writes on it. After writing, she changes the course of history, making a random effect that can be good or bad. There's a 3/4 chance that something good happens, such as poison the opponent, creating items next to her, creating explosions or restore your life savings. But there's a 1/4 chance that something bad happens, such as damaging yourself (PAIN!). The bad things are more likely if you use the attack multiple times, so you shouldn't spam.

Final Smash - History Erase

Ophelia teleports to some room and tells the opponent that she will erase them from history with her book *Cue cackling*. As the cutsense end, A giant pencil appears from the top o' de stage which you control with the joystick. If the eraser part touches an opponent, they will be instantly murderified. If the pencil part touches an opponent, they just receive a damage and knockback. The pencil will disappear a few seconds or after all opponents have been KOs.

KO Sounz

  • KO #1: "AAAAAAh"
  • KO #2: "Aack"
  • Screen KO: "oof-" *Ded*


Up Taunt: Shakes her ass a bit (Oh God, Why).

Side Taunt: She raises her skirt and says: "I have a big surprise!"

Down Taunt: She laughs while rubbing her hands.

Victory Screens

Victory #1: "Nice try, but it looks like I got the better of you!"

Victory #2: *Cackles happily before disappearing in a smoke cloud*

Victory #3: *Constantly shakes her ass in your face (GOD WHYYYY)*

Victory #4: (Against I. M. Meen) "Nice try Ignatius~!"


*Tied-up to a chair, struggling*


Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack -
  • Dash attack -
  • Forward tilt - Attacks with her butt.
  • Up tilt - Attacks her opponent by raising her skirt.
  • Down tilt -


  • Forward smash -
  • Up smash -
  • Down smash -


  • Ledge attack -
  • 100% ledge attack -
  • Floor attack -
  • Trip attack -


  • Neutral-
  • Forward-
  • Back-
  • Up-
  • Down-

Grab, Throws

  • Grab- Grabs with both hands.
  • Pummel-
  • Forward throw- Throws forwards.
  • Back throw-
  • Up throw-
  • Down throw- Bounces the opponent on the floor.


-YTPGuy debated for her being included in YTPguy17's Empty Slot, but he decided to just bring 'er in himself due to popular demand.

-In her video, YTPGuy changed the roster into 2 new ones based off Chincherrinas' design: Official (His personal choices and his favourite requests) and DLC (Popular Demand).

-She was originally going to be made by Skapokon (Lawl Nova), but he liked YTPguy's version better and erased her from his own roster once and for all.

-This is YTPguy's most awaited moveset since it took him almost 5 months to make it, though this is mainly because he had a slow computer at the time, so it likely would have taken less time than a character like Bill Nye since Bill was a character YTPguy never heard of.

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