Michael Jordan
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Space Jam

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Smash Bros. ARL






Standard B - B-Ballin'

Michael Jordan throws a Basketball. Keep pressed the B Button to bounce the ball, increasing its power. You can only bounce 10 times, after that Michael throws the ball automatically. The Basketball becomes an item that can be picked up and thrown when it complete stops. There can be only one ball in the stage.

Side B - Taz Rollout

Michael summons Taz the Tazmanian Devil, who rams forward doing his trade-mark tornado and then he comes back to Jordan. Taz doesn't do any damage, but he does a lot of knockback. He can also knock items from the oponents hands.

Up B - Jumpdunk

On the ground, Jordan throws a Basketball downwards which bounces upwards. In midair, he launches diagonally in the direction he's facing before he throws the ball. The ball works like Jordan's Standard B.

Down B - Timeout

Michael says "Time Out", emerging a white disc under himself. If this disc touches someone, they will have a negative effect during the next 20 seconds. The effect can be only in one opponent, and it requires a 10 seconds Cool Down to do it again.

Final Smash - The Ultimate Slam

Michael jumps really high. Then he throws his basketball downwards in slow motion, which explodes causing 150%. The ball falls in the furthest oponent(s).


Up Taunt: Michael says "You guys are nuts!" in a bemused way.

Side Taunt: Michael asks "You wanna win or not?"

Down Taunt: Michael asks "You callin' me chicken?" while pointing to himself.


  • Like YTPGuy, in this moveset ARL3 gave himself a promotion, changing the select screen and replacing Mordecai & Rigby, Eduardo, BrioSMB87, Gaston, Juan and Morshu by Michael Jordan, PSY, Inspector Gadget, Sherlock Holmes, King Koopa and Silver the Hedgehog.
  • This is the first ARL non-TF2 character.
  • His moveset marks the appearance of Hotel Mario and PSY (whom of which was a playable character at the time), as well as a second appearance of AoSTH Sonic.

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