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  • This is because he made a moveset before I did. I did not know he made a moveset, though. I complied with his request, as my ability to make custom sprites was lacking before. But now, I've improved.

    What should I do? I'm making an animated moveset but he made a text moveset. Both of the movesets will be completely different. I understand asking someone not to remake a moveset of a famous character, like Edd or Bill Cipher. Those movesets were done in the best way possible.

    But Somari has a lot of moveset potential. He could incorporate enemies from the game or elements from other bootleg games into his moves. 

    Should I ask JMitch25 if I can have Somari in my Lawl? Also, I'll try not to use any more characters who had a preexisting moveset before in my Lawl except if their moveset is awful.

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    • I really don't know why you had me contact me specifically about this, but alright.

      I say just go for it. Like I said with Undyne, a character can still be in two Lawls. Besides, JMitch's Lawl hasn't really graduated from a text Lawl at this point. The fact that he wants you to take a character out specifically because he wants to make them seems a little irrational.

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