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Team Fortress 2

Appears in

Smash Bros. ARL






Standard B - MediLaser

A debatably original move. The Medic fires a laser from his Medigun. While it can damage opponents as well, it can also heal teammates in Team matches (opponents take no knockback.) Once fired, you have to wait 10 seconds to do it again.

Move Origin

The Medigun is the Medic's main secondary weapon. When aimed at a teammate, they will be healed. However, the Medigun never fired a laser (it was really a long beam,) nor healed or damaged enemies.

Side B - Patient Rush

The Medic quickly pushes forward a stretcher with a patient on it (the patient is Bill from Left 4 Dead.) Once he runs into an opponent, Bill flies off the stretcher, damaging opponents hit by him. The damage done depends on how far Bill flies. You can use the move again as soon as Bill leaves.

Up B - Archimedes

The Medic grabs onto his pet dove, Archimedes, who flies upwards. Pressing B makes him let go.

Down B - Bloodbath

The Medic spills out a puddle of blood, acting similar to The King's Slippery Spill. The differences are that puddles do not disappear once they are slipped upon, and the Medic can slip on them as well.

Final Smash - Oktoberfest

The Medic puts his face to the barrel of the Kritzkrieg, inhales while laughing maniacally, and exclaims "Oktoberfest!". Afterwards, he exhales, shakes his head, and refocuses. The damage that you've received before hand is now shared between your opponents (or all of it to your opponent if it is a 1v1 match). So this final smash is effective of you have more damage as the Medic. And depending in how much damage is sent out, they will be stunned temporarily for a different amount of time.

Character Description

What he lacks in compassion for the sick, respect for human dignity, and any sort of verifiable formal training in medicine, the Medic more than makes up for with a bottomless supply of giant needles and a trembling enthusiasm for plunging them into exposed flesh. Raised in Stuttgart, Germany during an era when the Hippocratic oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic suggestion, the Medic considers healing a generally unintended side effect of satisfying his own morbid curiosity.