Masada Wiseau is a minor non-playable character in Smash Bros. Lawl, being Tommy Wiseau with a Seccom Masada-sensei palette swap, but what makes him somewhat separate is having a different name labeled on his damage meter. Despite listing his original source as The Room, he does not appear in that movie.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

Masada Wiseau makes one appearance in ???. When Madotsuki enters the Takofuusen, she hears someone playing The Room's theme song on piano, which happened to be Masada Wiseau. Madotsuki defeats him, which causes Takofuusen to crash into the Mural World, but Madotsuki survives unscathed.

Masada Wiseau is no different from the original Tommy Wiseau, as he has the same moves as him, except for the monochrome palette swap, which also extends his Mark as well.

Outside of this appearance, Masada Wiseau does not appear anywhere else.

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