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John's House




The John Show

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Lawl Nova

John's House is a Stage in Lawl Nova. It serves as John Di Micco's Stage. It's based on John's house as it's designed in the Pre-Remake show.

Ocasssionally, Johnstein will arrive to the stage crushing through the house's door. Unlike Ridley on Pyrosphere and the Flying Men on Magicant, Johnstein will not help the player who gets near him. Instead, he'll attack that player only, until he or she is KO'd. If no one gets near him, Johnstein will start vacuuming, not bothering anymore.


Not much has changed of this stage. When it was first introduced in John's Moveset, it had walkoffs on the left and right of the stage.

This was changed in the first Volume of Stages. Now, John's House has no walkoffs. The stage is now wider as of Volume 2


  1. Don't Matter - Akon
  2. Raiders' March (Mario Paint) - Indiana Jones
  3. Throwback Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
  4. Rave Party - The Frollo Show
  5. Moai Doo-Wop - Rhythm Heaven
  6. Carnival Night Classic - Sonic Generations (Fanmade)
  7. Main Theme - Boogerman
  8. Boss Theme - Mega Man X


  • John's House being located on Mars is a reference to a joke from Retropokon's Anniversary Special.

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