Marco Ubaldo Diaz
"It's called: Karate!"




Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Appears in

Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Marco Diaz is an Assist Trophy in Lawl Nova. When summoned, unlike other "running and attacking" Assist Trophies, Marco will not go on his own as he'll instead stay in front of the summoner to protect them. Marco will attack if he gets close enough to an opponent via a punch-punch combo on the ground and a flying kick in mid air.

Effect Origin

Marco's assist trophy action is just based on the fact he knows Karate, a character trait first seen in the first episode of the show "Star comes to Earth", in which he uses Karate to fight Ludo's monsters along with Star.


  • Out of all the Assist Trophies, Marco is the one that will stay on the battlefield the most before disappearing.