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Neutral B: 1 Click 100% Real No Fake

Marcianito will start dancing cumbia. In order to make this move work, Marcianito has to tap the B Button at the beat of the music that's playing on the stage (if no music is playing, his theme will play). When dancing, an invisible percentage will increase, and if you stop dancing, a computer cursor will appear and click the closest opponent, dealing as much percentage as you have built up. If you reach 100%, Marcianito will become 100% Real. Although you cannot click on an opponent or dance, your next charged up Smash Attack will deal 100% damage. The 100% Realness can be lost in the same way you can lose the Smash Ball.

Move Origin

The Dancing part of this move is based on the original Marcianito gif, while the rising percentage part is based on "100% Real No Fake", which is often associated with Marcianito. The click is based on how Marcianito's videos are often parodies of clickbait found on webpages related to piracy (such as Taringa).

Side B: Dat Martian

Marcianito rides Dat Boi's unicycle. Unlike other vehicle attacks, Marcianito has to press B at the beat of the music to use the unicycle's pedals. While riding the unicycle, you can jump and use normal attacks, and hitting an opponent does no damage, but instead forces them to use their entrance again. Characters that enter the stage by saying something (Dross, Coballita...) will repeat their quote, which works like a regular taunt. Opponents that enter the stage with a vehicle will ride that vehicle to their doom, and the only way to escape is by pressing B at the beat of the music. The rest of the entrances have 2 different effects that vary depending of the character having more than 300% or not.

  • MC Dinero: He enters the Tortilla Shop and comes out with a tortilla. If he's 300%, he'll stay inside. The shop works like a platform.
  • Bill Cipher: He disappears and reappears on a random part of the stage. If he's 300%, he will not reappear and automatically lose the match.
  • Ciego: He walks a bit (he can fall off a ledge) and then winks at the audience. If he's 300%, he will not stop.
  • Peridot: She uses the Gem Teleporter to warp into a random part of the stage. If she's 300%, she will not reappear and automatically lose the match.

Move Origin

This attack is based on another meme "Dat Boi". Since both Dat Boi and Marcianito are green creatures shown on 3D Gifs that have become memes, they have been compared.

Up B: Toon Marcianito

Marcianito turns into a cartoon version of the space ship from Space Invaders, and as such he can fly vertically or horizontally. Press B to shoot a laser, but be careful as doing so will turn Marcianito into normal. The more you use this attack, the more possibilities there are of retarded Space Invaders to come to the stage dealing damage.

Move Origin

Space Invaders (and other Arcade Shooters such as Galaga and Galaxian) are often nicknamed "Los Marcianitos" in Hispanic countries, mostly by casual players. This nickname has reached such popularity that Marcianito has gotten some ironic following by the Smash community (kind of like Shrek or SpongeBob) that say that he should join Smash to represent Space Invaders. The design of the space ship is based on this video.

Down B: Marcianito Go

Marcianito activates a radar that can will detect nearby opponents. If the radar detects anything, Marcianito will throw a Martian Ball at that opponent. This ball does 1% damage, but it will also try to capture said opponent. The more percentage the opponent has, the more difficult it would be for the opponent to get free (again, to get free you must press the buttons at the beat of the music). If Marcianito touches the ball before the opponent escapes, he'll obtain Martian powers, which are random, but at the same time the opponent is released. If you KO Marcianito with those powers, you will inherit its powers (until you taunt, get KO'd or get downgraded).

Move Origin

Marcianito Go is an app that's a parody of Pokemon Go, in which you have to capture colored Marcianitos instead of Pokemon, using the radar to localize them and the balls to catch them.

Final Smash: Lucario Jones

Marcianito will return to its UFO which will shoot two lasers. One of them is stronger, and can be controlled, while the other is weaker and cannot be controlled.

Move Origin

The move itself is based on a video supposedly showing Marcianito's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it's just a video edit of Lucario's Final Smash, but with an UFO shooting the laser instead of Lucario. This video featured an editing error in which at some point you can see two lasers being shot. The "Jones" part of the name comes from how it's the same UFO that takes Indiana Jones' Crystal Skull in his Final Smash.

KO Sounds



  • Up Taunt: *he screams like the Martians from Mars Attacks*
  • Side Taunt: *dances while electronic sounds play*
  • Down Taunt: *dances a bit while his theme plays* (this increases the percentage of his Neutral B)

Victory Poses/Losing Pose

  • Option 1-3: Dances cumbia.
  • Lose Pose: Gets back to its UFO.

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