Madotsuki's Balcony


Yume Nikki


Yume Nikki

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl

"Madotsuki's Balcony" is Madotsuki's stage in Smash Bros. Lawl. As its name suggests, it's the balcony of Madotsuki's apartment, which appears in the hikkikomori's dream world and the real world in Yume Nikki. The stage itself is simple, being flat with two rails on both sides of the stage.

Kruel KO

The opponent with at least 120% damage is knocked off the ledge, and he or she plummets to doom. A sound effect plays, signifying that the opponent is dead, and a transition shifts to a black screen with a blood spotch at the center and two jellyfish creatures standing by the puddle.

Songs Played

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