The following is a list of victory poses in Smash Bros Lawl.

Angry Video Game Nerd

  • Option #1 - Curls a poster into a tube and yells through it, "You want me to spell it out? You're a poopyhead!"
    • If the Nostalgia Critic is present at the end of a match, he'll say, "Lick my balls, you piece of shit Nostalgia Critic!"
  • Option #2 - While holding an NES controller, happily says "Ah, kick fuckin' ass! Life is kinda cool sometimes."
  • Option #3 - Drills a hole through an NES cartridge, only to have it spin out of control.
  • Losing - Chugs down Rolling Rock.


  • Option #1 - Aya, holding Snowball, leaves with Maria offscreen.
  • Option #2 - Dio kisses Aya on the forehead.
  • Option #3 - Ogre and Aya perform the Bros Pose before teleporting away.
  • Losing - Dies from blood loss.

Best Hercules

  • Option #1 - Celebrates his victory.
  • Option #2 - Hercules and his gay friend arrive by chariot, then the former celebrates.
  • Option #3 - Standing next to his gay friend, and says, "Huh. Let's go home." He then leaves the screen.
  • Losing - Stumbles a bit, then collapses.

Billy Mays

  • Option #1 - Holding up the Magic Fire, says "Order right now, for just $80000!"
  • Option #2 - Says "Order right now, for just $19.99!"
  • Option #3 - Holds up a sword and says "I have the strength!" while wearing armor.
  • Losing - Smiles and gives the winner two thumbs up.

Carlos Trejo

(Note: All his voice clips are in Spanish; these are the translations.)

  • Option #1 - In the shadows, says "I was here..."
  • Option #2 - Says "Carlos Trejo... goes beyond... the limits... of reality."
    • If Haruhi is present at the end of a match, he'll say "This whore... is a real FRAUD. Don't get mad!"
    • If Jaime Maussan is present at the end of a match, he'll say "Once again, this charlatan... tries to impress the Mexican population."
  • Option #3 - Sleeps on his motorcycle.
  • Losing - Leaves the screen by motorcycle.

Codec Snake

  • All options - Usually says something about his opponent in question to the beat of his victory theme.
  • Losing - Lays flat on the ground, broken and nonfunctional.

Don Ramon

(Note: All his voice clips are in Spanish; these are the translations.)

  • Option #1 - Yells "Let's seize the Meatball de Granadias!" as he runs offscreen.
  • Option #2 (against male opponents) - Slams the desk and shouts "YOU FAILED!"
  • Option #3 (against female opponents) - Slams the desk and shouts "YOU FAILED!"
  • Losing - Takes off his hat and stomps on it.

Dr. Robotnik

  • Option #1 - Swings his arms up and down while gloating "I will become the undisputed master of Mobius!", then claps his hands together while evilly laughing.
  • Option #2 - Says "I'll have to give my self a PRRROMOTION!" as he points upwards, with the word "PROMOTION" appearing above his head.
  • Option #3 - Bows and says "Thank you!"
  • Losing - Cries to himself.


  • Option #1 - Walks towards the camera and says "Beata Maria..."
    • If Gaston is present at the end of a match, he'll say "Gaston, you're an idiot!"
  • Option #2 - Evilly sneers at the camera while surrounded by fire.
  • Option #3 - Dramatically raises his arms in the air and collapses.
  • Losing - Looks at the opponent, disappointed at himself.


  • Option #1 - Says "And every last inch of me's covered with hair!" while exposing his hairy chest.
    • If Frollo is present at the end of a match, he'll say "Frollo, you are gay!"
  • Option #2 - Gloats "What's the matter? Too kind and gentle to fight back?"
  • Option #3 - Dressed as M. Bison, yells "YES! YES!"
  • Losing - Glumly sits on his chair, then manually turns it around.

Hank Hill

  • Option #1 - Proudly says "I provide the people of this community with propane and propane accessories."
  • Option #2 - Awkwardly laughs to himself.
  • Option #3 - Points at the camera and shouts, "Loser! You're a loser!"
  • Losing - Curls up in a fetal position.


  • Option #1 - Continuously gropes Mikuru.
  • Option #2 - Leaps onto Mikuru and bites her ear.
  • Option #3 - Tackles Mikuru down.
  • Losing - Holds her head in frustration as a giant appears next to her.


(Note: Hitler's quotes are in deliberately mistranslated German subtitles.)

  • Option #1 - Yells "I order you to bow down... at once!"
  • Option #2 - While wearing his commissar cap, imitates M. Bison's "YES! YES!" scene.
  • Option #3 - Shouts "Now bring me Fegelein! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!", slamming his desk every time he shouts Fegelein's name.
  • Losing - Sits on his chair, angrily tapping his fingers.

I.M. Meen

  • Option #1 - Points towards the right, while shouting "Back into your cell, bookworm!"
  • Option #2 - Dances around, jumps in the air with his book in his hand, then waves at the camera while saying "Better luck next time, bookworm!"
  • Option #3 - Yells "GOOD!" and madly cackles before disappearing in sparks.
  • Losing - Groans at his loss.


  • Option #1 - Stares into the "Fabricated World" painting.
  • Option #2 - Garry kneels down to check on Ib, who sits on the ground wearing his jacket.
  • Option #3 - A frightened Ib hugs Garry.
  • Losing - Slowly lays down on the ground.

Irate Gamer

  • Option #1 - Facing the camera, he says "Face it, you are ruined."
  • Option #2 - Says to the camera, "So until next time, gamers, game on" before being squished by a pile of bananas.
  • Option #3 - Shouts "Yes!" as he throws an NES controller in the air, which lands on his head and knocks him unconscious.
  • Losing - Lays on the ground in defeat.

J. Jonah Jameson

  • Option #1 - Says "Thank you, bye-bye" as he leaves the screen.
  • Option #2 - Thanks the losers, then faces the screen and says "I can't believe I'm thanking these people."
  • Option #3 - Laughs maniacally.
  • Losing - Takes his anger on Peter Parker, who's feeling down.

Jaime Maussan

(Note: All his voice clips are in Spanish; these are the translations.)

  • Option #1 - Says "A dimensional portal, towards a new reality."
  • Option #2 (against sexy opponents) - Glances at the losers, then turns towards the camera and shakes his head in disbelief.
  • Option #3 - Says "Thanks a lot, and I'll wait you next week in Contacto!" before leaving by UFO.
  • Losing - Looks down while depressed.

King Harkinian

  • Option #1 - While making declarative gestures with his right hand, he says "After you've scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule, then we can talk about mercy!"
  • Option #2 - Says "I wonder what's for dinner..."
    • If CD-I Link is present at the end of a match, he'll say, "Link, mah boi, you fail!"
  • Option #3 - Laughs along with CD-I Zelda.
  • Losing - Looks down with his left hand against his forehead.


  • Option #1 - Shouts "TONIGHT, WE DINE, IN HELL!"
  • Option #2 - A crowd of Spartans chant loudly as Leonidas smugly turns toward the camera.
  • Option #3 - Disappointingly says, "I'm sorry, my friend. Not all of us are meant to be Spartans..."
  • Losing - Stands defeated in a dramatic sense.


  • Option #1 - Surrounded by all 24 effects in their egg forms, she pinches her cheek and teleports away.
  • Option #2 - Madotsuki faces Seccom Masada, then pulls out a knife and chases him.
  • Option #3 - Uses the Stoplight effect, turns into a stoplight, and causes a nearby Monoko to grow multiple limbs.
  • Losing - Looks onwards.

Mama Luigi

  • Option #1 - Says "That's Mama Luigi to you!" and wheezes.
  • Option #2 - Proudly says "That'll teach you to mess with me!"
  • Option #3 - Asks "Or is it the bagel?" as he holds up a bagel.
  • Losing - Curls up in a fetal position and cries to himself.


  • Option #1 - Repeatedly stabs a mannequin head.
  • Option #2 - Childishly runs around.
  • Option #3 - The Fabricated World notions the second placed character to enter her dimension. This is the only victory pose that directly interacts with the losers.
  • Losing - An angry Mary burns to ashes.

New Hercules

  • Option #1 - Raises his arms.
  • Option #2 - Starts playing with his pecs.
  • Option #3 - Someone puts sauerkraut on Hercules's hot dog.
  • Losing - Lies on the floor in defeat.

Nicolas Cage

  • Option #1 - Coughs like a madman and collapses on the floor.
  • Option #2 - Rides off the screen with a stolen bicycle.
  • Option #3 - Makes his memetic "You don't say?" face.
  • Losing - Lies on the ground similar to his down taunt.

Nostalgia Critic

  • Option #1 - Says his ending catchphrase, "I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to!" as he leaves the screen.
  • Option #2 - Drinks out of a skull while firing his gun in the air.
  • Option #3 - Says "I like to go one step beyond..."
  • Losing - Sarcastically claps for the victor.

Panty & Stocking

  • Option #1 - The Angels, while sitting on a couch, kick around Chuck.
  • Option #2 - Panty talks about Stocking's diet to her as the latter sweats profusely.
  • Option #3 - Panty continuously lifts up Stocking's blouse, revealing a weight loss belt.
  • Losing - The Angels glare angrily at the victor from a distance.

Scanty & Kneesocks

  • Option #1 - Scanty dances with her cup while Kneesocks remains calm with a glass of wine.
  • Option #2 - Both sisters smile sinisterly at the camera while pointing their index fingers upwards.
  • Option #3 - Scanty whispers an insult about the opponent to Kneesocks' ear, then they start laughing.
  • Losing - Both sisters stay shocked to their quote, "What the hell?!"

Tommy Wiseau

  • Option #1 - Leaves with Denny while saying "Let's go eat, huh?"
  • Option #2 - Wiseau laughs and says, "What a story, Mark!", to which Mark replies, "Yeah, you can say that again."
  • Option #3 - Taunts the loser while shouting "You not good! You... you just a chicken! Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!" and flapping his arms.
  • Losing - Overdramatically cries while sitting on a chair.

Toon Bison

  • Option #1 - Does the famous "YES! YES!" scene.
  • Option #2 - Quotes the famous "But for me, it was Tuesday" line from the Street Fighter film.
    • If Guile is present at the end of a match, he'll say, "Another time, Guile!"
  • Option #3 - Chuckles while drinking tea.
  • Losing - Squats and looks down with one foot out.

Toon Guile

  • Option #1 - Poses with Blanka and shouts "All right!"
    • If Bison is present at the end of a match, he'll say, "It's over, Bison!"
  • Option #2 - Scratches his hair.
  • Option #3 - Cammy approaches a wounded Guile, and asks, "How about a romantic candlelight dinner for two?" Guile replies, "Dinner for the whole team for a job well done!" as Ryu, Ken, and Blanka appear behind him.
  • Losing - Shakes his fists up and down, uttering a silent "NO!"

Toon Wily

  • Option #1 - While juggling models of Earth and the moon, Wily says "I will create chaos, destroy everything!"
  • Option #2 - Laughs evilly, then says "Well, that's it for the fun for now" as he leaves the screen.
  • Option #3 - Groans and facepalms at the loser.
  • Losing - Throws a fit.

Weird Al

  • Option #1 - Screams while making a weird face.
  • Option #2 - Asks "I was just wondering... have you heard my new album yet?" as he holds up one of his albums.
  • Option #3 - Asks the loser, "How often do you wet your bed?"
  • Losing - Bangs his head on the table repeatedly.


  • Option #1 - Climbs down the ladder to a portal.
  • Option #2 - Sleeps on her mat.
  • Option #3 - Falls down on her knees.
  • Losing - Tucks her head down in defeat.


  • Option #1 - Asks "Did you ever think theres more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking?"
  • Option #2 - Parties with his friends by car.
  • Option #3 - Appears as a merman and says "Wetness is the essence of beauty" before swimming away.
  • Losing #1 - Stands there shocked.
  • Losing #2 - By pressing A and B on the results screen, a cutscene happens where Zoolander interrupts the winner's victory pose, thinking he won the match, only for the winner to tell him that he didn't win. A scene of the movie is then shown, first showing Zoolander's poster being replaced by a poster of the winner, then as he arrives home, he sees a banner "congratulating" him on his loss.

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