The Earl of Lemongrab
Lemongrab Character Stand


Cartoon Network


Adventure Time

Appears in

Lawl X


Earldom of Lemongrab



Played by

Justin Roiland






Neutral B - Sound Sword

Lemongrab uses his sound sword. The closer you are to Lemongrab, the more damage you take and the longer you will get stunned by it. It can be held for 5 seconds but hold it any longer and it will explode causing recoil damage.

Side B - Life Formula

Lemongrab pours some life formula. If Lemongrab pours it over an item, that item will come to life and will attack the enemies for Lemongrab. They are as strong as Story mode enemies. However, depending on what item you bring to life, some enemies are stronger than others.

For example, food items won't be as strong as weapons. The strength usually represents the item itself.

Any item can be brought to life. If you're lucky enough to catch it, even the Smash Ball can be brought to life, which is as strong as a boss with just as much health.

Up B - Lemon Juice

Lemongrab uses his juices to launch himself upwards. If an opponent touches the juice as he launches, they will be blinded by it for 3 seconds as their controls are reversed. This attack also leaves behind a puddle which opponents can slip on.

Down B - Recontioning

Lemongrab will place a metal panel on the floor. If you press Down B again, the panel will activate and anyone standing over it will be electrocuted. If it's used 3 times in a row, it will disappear, meaning Lemongrab can place it down again somewhere else.


Lemongrab screams "UNACCEPTABLE!". Anyone with over 50% damage will get KO'd by this. If they are under 50%, nothing will happen to them. This move also disables all traps and move effects such as Marik's steve contract, except for his own.

KO Sounds

  • KO Sound 1: "Ohhh!"
  • KO Sound 2: "It's Gross!"
  • Star KO Sound: "This Is Unacceptable!"
  • Screen KO Sound: "Woah, woah, what the hey!?"


  • Up Taunt: "You sir won't function You must be destroyed"
  • Side Taunt: "MMM! Put you in my oven!"
  • Down Taunt: "12 years Dungeon, All of you"

Victory Poses/Lose Pose

  • Option 1: "Acceptable"
  • Option 2: *Walks off* "Bye don't follow me"
  • Option 3: "Y-You is Great"
  • Lose Pose: *lying on the ground, crying*
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