Joker Nicholson
Joker NicholsonCharacter Stand
"You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"




Batman (1989)

Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by

Jack Nicholson






Neutral B: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Joker throws a feather that gets stabbed into a character's chest or head. The feather substitutes any object stuck in a fighter, like Coballita's flower. The stab hurts and gives damage progressively. It falls off after a bit. You can't use the pen again, because Bob the Goon will help you now. Bob will follow you like Kronk to Yzma or Captain N's assistants. If you press B while anybody attacks you, Bob will write the attack in his notebook. Press B again while the enemy repeats the attack and Bob will teleport and shoot them in the back. And yes, Bob kinda teleports between shots in the movie.

Side Bob: Destroy A Painting

Bob will take out a big knife to stab his opponent. Just a simple attack, slow to execution but strong, it gets better. Press B when Bob is going to stab and Joker will teleport there to stop him. Bob's next stab will be double powerful and unstoppable.

Up Bob - Stepping Stone

Bob throws Joker upwards with his back

Down Bob - Joker's Number 1

Joker literally "fires" his goon to stop using him, which recovers a bit of health. Don't worry, Bob will be right back when you use the feather again. You recover less health with every time you shoot Bob.

Side B: Extensible Shooting

Joker will shoot in any direction. Spammable. The more you charge it, the bigger enemies you can take down, which is appropriate for flying targets.

Up B - Laughing Gas Balloons

This works the same way as Villagers Up B, but releases a substance that makes people laugh.

Down B - Clown Antics

Joker will use one of his 3 clown antics. The flower that spits acid burns and forms a puddle if it hits the floor. The dentures walks and bites. The glasses protect you from projectiles, but break with physical attacks.

Final Smash - A Little Hot Under The Collar

Like Epic Gamer's FS, you have to get near someone and give him your hand. The Joker will then shake the opponents hand, releasing electricity throughout his body by using a joy buzzer.



KOSFX2: "Uh"

Star KOSFX: "Ha ha ha ha ha"

Screen KOSFX: "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would ya?"

Bob KOSFC: "You... IDIOT!"


Up: "Boo!"

Sd: "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?"

Dn: *Laughs*

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