John Joseph Travolta
"While you were still learning how to SPELL YOUR NAMES!"




The Devil's Rain (1975)

Appears in

Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

John Travolta is an Assist Trophy in Lawl Nova. When summoned, he'll turn into one out of four of his roles, each one with a different effect.
  • Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction): He will walk around aimlessly until he encounters an opponent. If this happens, he'll take out his gun and shoot at both sides of him before disappearing.
  • Danny Zuko (Grease): Danny will dance while "Grease Lightning" plays in the background. Opponents near him will dance as well. If you are near, but not near enough, you'll be pulled towards the "Dance Zone".
  • Terl (Battlefield Earth): First the camera will tilt and the stage will be tinted purple. With these two filters, Terl will give a "speech" while a group of Psychlo spaceships will fly across the screen. After the speech is over, he'll disappear and the stage will go back to normal.
  • Sean Archer/Castor Troy (Face/Off): He'll take off his face to reveal that he's actually Nicolas Cage in disguise, who will scream "HALLELUJAH!" and vanish without doing anything.

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