As he is notorious for his blatant plagiarising, the Irate Gamer has an ability that copies other characters' special moves. Like everything he steals, his copied moves are pathetic versions of the originals.

List of Plagiarisms

Character plagiarised Details Damage Amount
King Harkinian n/a yet
I.M. Meen Clasps his hands together and magic dust appears in front of them. Close to short range. Unknown
Leonidas n/a yet
Nostalgia Critic n/a yet
Tommy Wiseau n/a yet
Madotsuki Dons a foam hand over his head and swings it to the side, with no teleportation. Unknown
AVGN Spits out a dynamite stick with "F" printed on it. Travels only 1/3 the distance of an F-Bomb. 4% damage
Mama Luigi n/a yet
Dr. Robotnik n/a yet
Irate Gamer Possibly a random copied move.
Frollo n/a yet
Gaston n/a yet
Hitler n/a yet
Panty n/a yet
Stocking n/a yet
Billy Mays n/a yet
Yomika n/a yet
Toon Guile n/a yet
Toon Bison n/a yet
Ib n/a yet
Hank Hill n/a yet
Scanty n/a yet
Kneesocks n/a yet
Nicolas Cage n/a yet
Best Hercules n/a yet
Jaime Maussan n/a yet
Don Ramon n/a yet
Toon Wily n/a yet
Haruhi n/a yet
Zoolander n/a yet
New Hercules n/a yet
Aya n/a yet
Carlos Trejo n/a yet
Weird Al n/a yet
J. Jonah Jameson n/a yet
Mary n/a yet
Codec Snake n/a yet

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