Inner Urge
Inner Urge


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Lawl What If

Inner Urge is a stage in Lawl What If. It's based on Shimoneta: A Boring World and it serves as Blue Snow's Stage.


  • "Inner Urge" (Shimoneta: A Boring World OST)
  • "B Chiku Sentai" (Shimoneta: A Boring World OST)
  • "Moment of Outbursts" (Shimoneta: A Boring World OST)
  • "Taiyo ni Hoero" (Shimoneta: A Boring World OST)
  • "Trying to Explain" (Shimoneta: A Boring World OST)
  • "Crisis of Home Security" (Shimoneta: A Boring World OST)
  • "I Did It For Love" (Age of Days)

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