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Game Grumps (2012)

Appears in

Smash Bros Lawl X


TBD (Egoraptor) TBD (Danny Sexbang)

Played by

Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) Leigh Daniel Avidan (Danny Sexbang)


No information


No information


Each other

'Game Grumps are Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang.


Egoraptor's Entrance-Hey I'm Grump!

Both Arin and Danny are sitting on a couch

Egoraptor's Neutral B-Arin's tales

Arin will start telling a random tale he probably made up

While doing this, Arin's stats are doubled or halved if they're negative

This can't be cancelled and if Arin gets KO'd, his next life will have his stats halved or doubled if they're negative

However, Arin will still keep ranting when he swaps with Danny and there won't be any negative affects if Danny gets KO'd

Egoraptor's Side B-Lightsaber fightsaber: Arin gets out his lightsabers

In this state Arin is unable to move

Press A and Arin will do a strong but slow and clumsy attack with the light saber

Press B again to cancel the move

Egoraptor's Up B-Qualitytime.avi

Like Soldier's Up B, Arin launches himself up with a rocket jump

This will do no damage to Arin however, for about 5 seconds Arin will start acting derpy which cancels his B attacks and replaces his A attacks with a gun attack

Every time he fires, there's a one second lag meaning you can only do 3 shots maximum before going back to normal

Egoraptor's Down B-Same fucking down B as every other tag team

He swaps with Danny

Danny Sexbang

Danny Sexbang's Entrace-I'm not so grump!

Danny shouts I'm not so grump before jumping onto the stage

Danny Sexbang's Neutral B-Electric Guitar

Tap B and Danny will do play his electric shooting for a second

Hold B and Danny will shoot a bigger and more powerful electric current that can be held for 5 seconds before exploding in Danny's face, causing him damage

Danny Sexbang's Side B-Princess Handjob

Press Side B when you're right next to an opponent to turn them into Princess Handjob

Like Doofenshmirtz's Down B however, instead of slipping randomly, the opponent only slips when they try to attack

You can only get rid of it by slipping 3 times, by KOing yourself or by Danny getting KO'd or swapping with Arin

Danny Sexbang's Up B-Rocket hoverboard

Danny flies up with Ninja Brian on a hoverboard

Touching the fires underneath Danny's board will cause damage

If you attack Danny while he's doing this, Ninja Brian will come down and do the exact same amount of damage you caused Danny

There's no way to escape him. He'll even wait for you if you KO yourself

Danny Sexbang's Down B-The greatest fucking down B ever holy shit you would not believe this fucking move

Danny swaps with Arin

Final Smash-Dragon Dance

Arin and Danny start dancing. The opponents are unable to move while they're dancing.

While this happens, Burgie will just slowly slide across the screen, KO'ing anyone it touches.

Once one opponent has been KO'd, the others regain control

The final smash ends when Burgie leaves the screen.

KO Sounds

Egoraptor's KO Sound 1: Duh huh

Egoraptor's KO Sound 2: Fuck!

Egoraptor's Star KO: I'll fucking kill your whole family!

Egoraptor's Screen KO: Noooooo

Danny Sexbang's KO Sound 1: NO!

Danny Sexbang's KO Sound 2: Goddamnit Ross!

Danny Sexbang's Star KO: Waaaah

Danny Sexbang's:Screen KO: Damn it

Character Description


Role In The Subspace Emissary



Smash bros Lawl X Character moveset - Game Grumps-007:29

Smash bros Lawl X Character moveset - Game Grumps-0

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