There are various attacks in Smash Bros Lawl that give out the flame effect. Targets hit by this effect will momentarily be set on fire. It is the most common "elemental" attack in Lawl, with most characters of each roster having at least one.

Nearly all explosive attacks use this effect.

List of flame attacks

By characters

  • I.M. Meen - up throw
  • Nostalgia Critic - EXPLAIN!
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - F-Bomb, Super Mecha Death Christ (double blast, missiles), side smash, down smash
  • Mama Luigi - Fire Sumo
  • Dr. Robotnik - up smash
  • Irate Gamer - Plagiarism (when copying characters with flame neutral specials)
  • Frollo - Firing Fire, Hell Dragger, Hellfire, up tilt, up smash, forward air, pummel
  • Gaston - Flammabeer, Kill the Beast! (torch-wielding villagers)
  • Hitler - Pencil of Doom (explosion), Steiner (airplane bombs, tank explosions)
  • Billy Mays - down throw
  • Toon Guile - BISON!!!, Anti-Terrorism
  • Hank Hill - Propane (explosion), Propaller (explosion), Brocopter, up throw
  • Nicolas Cage - Nicolas Cage Loses His Shit (Ghost Rider)
  • Jaime Maussan - OVNI
  • Don Ramon - La Calavera (explosion)
  • Toon Wily - DreaMachine (explosion)
  • Haruhi - Aliens!
  • Zoolander - Orange Mocha Frappuchino (Starbucks explosion)
  • Aya - The Flame Egg (lighter, fire)
  • Weird Al - RamBow, Let's Get Ready to Rambo!
  • J. Jonah Jameson - You're Fired!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Up Smash
  • Morshu - Lamp Oil (when it contacts a fire attack or an explosion), Bombs (Regular Bomb, Fire Bomb and Mega Bomb) Morshu Bomb, Down Throw
  • Annoying Orange - Jetpack
  • CD-I Mario - Enclosed Instructions Book (when copying characters with flame Neutral Bs), Hot Record
  • Michael Jackson - King of Pop!
  • CD-I Link - Ball Throw (Fire Balls), Down Throw
  • Smosh - Pokéball (Charizard's attacks), Awesome New Robot (Heat Vision, Bombs, Double Laser)
  • Bill Nye - Paint Power (Red Paint), Science Lesson (Volcanoes, Meteor)
  • CD-I Ganon - Dark Fire
  • 9-Volt - Nintendo Power (Mario's Fireballs, Samus' Missiles), Power Up! (Fireballs)
  • Wreck-it Ralph - Cola Chaos (Flaming Mentos)
  • Pyro - Flamethrower, Flare Gun, Burning Magazine, Hadouken, most normal attacks
  • Demoman - Sticky Bombs
  • Soldier - Rocket, Grenade Toss, Rocket Jump
  • Spy - Disguise (when copying characters with flame Neutral Bs)
  • Engineer - Dispenser Here (explosion)
  • Willy Wonka - Wonka Bomb
  • Inspector Gadget - Mission for Gadget
  • AoSTH Sonic - Chilli Pipe, Roadrage-on (the dragon's flames)
  • Stewie - Flamethrower
  • Stinkmeaner - Kicked in yo Chest
  • Mr. Bean - Explosive Paint
  • Sora - Ally Summon (Donald's Fire)
  • Abridged Kaiba - Reckless Motorbiking (explosion), Explodia
  • Game Grumps - Qualitytime.avi, Rocket Hoverboard (fire below the hoverboard)
  • Yuno - Grenade Threat
  • Plankton - Up Smash
  • CD-I Zelda - Lair's Light (unless it turns off)
  • Toon Guybrush - Pirate's Pocket (Grog)
  • Timmy's Dad - Explosive Message, Dyno Dad! (Meat Vision)
  • Dipper Pines - Time Machine (explosion), The Book of Gravity Falls (Rumble McSkirmish's Fire Balls, the Shapeshifer if it turns into a character with fire attacks)
  • 60's Spider-Man - Spider-Man Cartoon Creator
  • John Di Micco - Gwonam's Jet Pack (Morshu's Explosion)
  • asdfguy - Here, Hold This (bomb), Pointless Button (Mines), Who Parked Their Car... On My Sandwich? (explosion), Side Smash
  • Jade Harley - Dreambot (Robosplode)

By items

By enemies and bosses

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