Epic Sax Stage
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Epic Sax Guy


Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira (Moldova)- Run Away

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl

Epic Sax Stage is a stage in Smash Bros. Lawl. This is close to serving as a replacement of Brawl's "Final Destination", being commonly used in movesets, although the original Final Destination is included, but only seen in Classic Mode. Epic Sax Stage is based off the "Epic Sax Guy" meme. As a bonus, the Epic Sax Guy makes a cameo in the background. The stage itself serves the purpose of playing some of the most epic songs on the Internet.


The stage itself was originally simple and flat, with each side of the stage having a pathway leading to the blast line. Starting from Mary's moveset video, the stage has been completely revamped, with the main area now having ledges and two slowly moving platforms on the sides.

Kruel KO

If the opponent is KOed in the upper boundary, they will fall into a large speaker with a pair of sunglasses on it. The Epic Sax Guy then jumps on top of the speaker and, in his best Duke Nukem impression, says he'll play their ass off. He then performs a sax solo so epic, that the whole speaker explodes with the opponent inside of it. The winner, along with Epic Sax Guy, is shown posing from a distance.

Songs Played


  • This stage, along with Final Destination, is not based off a playable character's specific series.
  • This stage featured Guile's Theme, to which Toon Guile hadn't become a character until a year later.