EpicGamer252 Character Stand
"Wazzup, mens?"





Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by





MC Dinero


Neutral B: Yinun

Epic Gamer will read over his fanfiction of Yinundurf, boring opponents nearby.

Move Origin

This move comes from a video in which Epic Gamer reads a very boring Skyrim fanfic, before laughing out loud at the end.

Side B: Toys

Epic Gamer will throw his toys to hurt opponents. You can also throw them upwards. When the toys disappear, you can throw more.

Move Origin

At the beginning of his Piling Coins video, Playmobil versions of Santa Claus and Ms. Claus are seen in an obscene position, before Epic throws them away.

Up B: Super Coiny Jump

This is just a Mario rip-off to hurt and generate coins... which are kept on the ground as items.

Move Origin

Apart from being a reference to Mario's Up B in the Smash Bros. series, this move is a reference to the coins that Epic can pile.

Down B: Piling

Epic Gamer piles any nearby object on the ground. Coins are easier to generate and their main purpose is to be pilable objects. The pile will have to be big enough to become a proper barricade, able to protect you from getting hit. Strong attacks are their kryptonite. If some objects have effects, they either hurt opponents or cure Epic Gamer (ex: To strengthen your barricade, you can stack up Dross' farted pizza and Silva's shots; therefore Dross gets poisoned by his own pizza and Silva gets drunk or Epic Gamer heals upon the destruction of that barricade).

Move Origin

This move comes from Epic Gamer's Piling Coins video, in which he tries to pile two 5 cent coins and one 20 cent coin.

Final Smash: Bet on the Middle Of Actual Paris

For this final smash, Epic Gamer has to be near an opponent in order to shake hands with him. Then the opponent's health rockets up by 252%, no matter how it was.

Move Origin

(Note: Complete this)





Screen KOSFX:


Up: "Shit from a whore, EWEWEW!"

Sd: "The animal lover"

Dn: "What do you think about the otakus?"

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