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Batman (1966)

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Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Egghead is an Assist Trophy in Lawl Nova. When summoned, he'll say "Eggscellent" before throwing a series of eggs in no fixed order. The kinds of eggs he can throw are:
  • Oil Egg: If an opponent gets hit by it, they'll slow down.
  • Knockout Egg: Getting hit by this egg will make you fall down.
  • Radar Egg: Getting hit by this egg will make the next egg be targetted at the opponent that was hit by it.
  • Eggsplosive Egg: It'll "eggsplode" upon contact.

After half a dozen eggs thrown, Egghead will leave.

Effect Origin

The different eggs are taken from different episodes. The Radar and Eggsplosive Eggs are taken from "An Egg Grows In Gotham/The Yegg Foes In Gotham", where they were actually the same: The Radar Egg would "eggsplode" in case it noted vibrations. This two-parter was also the origin of the egg throw, which is the way Egghead and his minions fight Batman and Robin. The Oil Egg comes from the time he joined Olga the Queen of Cossacks in "The Ogg And I/How To Hatch A Dinosaur", where he used the oil to free a scimitar. The Knockout Egg is the only egg not featured on the 60's Show, but rather on "The Caped Crusaders", where Egghead is about to use it during the fight with the Batman clones, before one of the Batmans breaks it right on his face.