Eario, the Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom
"It is-a I, Eario"


Brawl in the Family


Brawl in the Family (2008)

Appears in

Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Eario is an Assist Trophy in Lawl Nova. When summoned he'll say that he's "sweeping under the Thwomps", while he goes around sweeping stuff with his broom. Any items, traps and such will be carried by Eario. He does not deal damage on his own, but he will if he's carrying any damaging item or trap. After a few seconds of sweeping, a Thwomp will fall, squashing Eario, everything he was sweeping and damaging opponents near it.

Effect Origin

Eario's effect is based on his comic arc "Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom", specifically from Part 2. In said part, he comments on how his job can often be tough, like when he sweeps under the Thwomps because they fall on him. The Thwomps are also a running gag in Brawl in the Family, coming out of nowhere to squash people.