Ángel David Revilla/Dross Rotzank
Dross Character Stand copy




El Diario de Dross

Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by

Ángel David Revilla



Moveset (Remake)

Neutral B - Top 7

Dross summons a random number between 1-7, each one with a different effect:

  • 7: Very rare. 70% and a lot of knockback.
  • 6: A homming projectile.
  • 5:
  • 4:
  • 3:
  • 2:
  • 1: Same as 7, but against Dross himself. He'll recieve 70% damage and a "broken shield" state.

Move Origin

This move is based on Dross' Top 7 videos.

Side B - Me cago en Dios, gaste un poder

Dross will "waste" his power throwing a very powerful fireball which will reload once you recieve 70% damage. Until then, this move is replaced by Dross throwing his books. Since they are "a success on all the Hispanic countries", you can spam them as much as you want.

Move Origin

The Fireball part comes from a running gag from Dross' Let's Plays in which he accidentally wastes super attacks by trying to know what does each button do. The books are Dross' books "Luna de Plutón" (Pluto's Moon) and "El Festival de la Blasfemia" (Blasphemy's Festival), which he often promotes at the end or beginning of his videos by saying that they are "a success on all the Hispanic countries", inspiring their lack of ammo.

Up B - Perturbing Storm

Dross will spin around causing a "perturbing storm" while he elevates. The more you charge, the more he'll fly and the more damage he'll deal. If you charge enough Dross will cause a storm that will suck up opponents.

Move Origin

This move comes from a parody animation called "La Leyenda de Dross", in which Dross at the end kills a bunch of Zombies by causing a "perturbing storm".

Down B - Farted Pizza

Dross throws a Pizza to the floor and farts on it. This pizza will be poisoned, and, like the storm, the more you charge, the more dangerous the poison will be. Dross can also pick up and throw the pizza to poison opponents or items.

Move Origin

(Note: Complete this)

Final Smash - Hunting Furries

Dross will disguise himself as Elmer Fudd and say that he's hunting for furries, putting all opponents on furry costumes. He also has a shotgun, and has as many bullets as opponents (plus 1). These bullets are very powerful, as much as the Side B fireball. If you spend them all, everything will go back to normal. A furry-proof trap by ACME will also be placed on the stage, causing a OHKO to any furry that falls on it. If you don't shoot and nobody falls into the trap, Dross will call the Bolivian Army's helicopter which will drop a nuke once you press B. Be careful not to nuke yourself. If you kill a furry on their last life a special cutscene will play where they fall into the trap and get killed in a brutal way.

Move Origin

This move comes from this animation, in which Dross goes on the woods to hunt furries. Pretty much everything that happens in this video is shown in the Final Smash.

Moveset (Original)

Neutral B: Whiplash

Dross uses his whip from his "Dross Adventure" videogames. He can grab items with it and even aim it in different directions.

Move Origin

The Whip is Dross' main weapon in the Dross Adventure videogames, in which it works exactly the same way as Belmonts' whip from the Castlevania games.

Side B: Me cago en Dios, gaste un poder

Dross "wastes" a Super Power by firing a giant fireball. You will have to wait 10 seconds to use it again.

Move Origin

Same as the remake, but without the books.

Up B: Ouija

Dross summons a ghost that carries him upwards. The ghost deals damage.

Move Origin

(Note: Complete this)

Down B: Farted Pizza

Dross drops a pizza in front of him, which can be eaten. However, while Dross will always heal himself, others have a 1/2 chance of getting poisoned by it.

Move Origin

(Note: Complete this)

Final Smash: I can't believe they're aliens!

Dross calls the bolivian army, which send an helicopter that drops a bomb on the stage.

Move Origin

(Note: Complete this)

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1: COÑO!

KO Sound 2: Coño!


Screen KO Sound: CoÑOOOO!


Up Taunt: I'm a pretty pretty little Drossy (x8)

Side Taunt: Not all, but a lot of them


Victory Poses/Losing Pose

Option 1: *Shakes his arms repedly*

Option 2: *Moves his hand, like if he was fapping*

Option 3: *Does exercise, in underwear*

Option 4 (vs. Retard Gamer): "Why do you follow me on Twitter?"

Lose Pose: *Flips the bird*

Lose Pose (Only in Victory Poses that never end): SHUT UP!


  • Dross' original moveset was uploaded during April 2011, making it the first non-Chincherrinas moveset, even predating Heavy. However, the series didn't continue until 2013 when the moveset was reuploaded on Aitor Molina's current channel.
  • Dross' sprites were revamped in MC Dinero's moveset.

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