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The John Show

Appears in

Lawl of the Dead





Played by

Carlos Romero






Neutral B - Super Evil Crowbar

Darkpokon pulls out his crowbar and stabs with it a random number of times. While stabbing, you are able to walk and jump (no double jumps), but only in the direction Darkpokon is facing. He'll stop stabbing earlier if he gets hit. If you charge up the attack, Darkpokon will instead throw the crowbar like a boomerang. The crowbar will be stuck on robotic opponents and other types of machines if they touch it, which will deal additional damage to that opponent if you jump on the crowbar or take it off them. However, Darkpokon only has one crowbar so you won't be able to use it if it's already on the stage.


The crowbar is Darkpokon's main weapon first introduced in Dark Skapokon Rises I Part 2. During a flashback, he stabs Wai in the back, killing him instantly (He claims that he killed Sir Pokon too, but it was his lackey Green Biker Dude in his Mecha Godzilla who did it). It later made a brief reappearance in Retropokon Especial de 3er Aniversario: Top 10 Peores Cosas Analizadas, but multiplied into several of them.

Side B - Dark Explosion of Pain

Darkpokon leaps forwards and explodes after touching anything. This move is a OHKO to Darkpokon himself, but also to the opponents that get hit by him. Darkpokon will return inside of a trash can after exploding.


This move has no origin. But is based on his appearance outside of John's videos, which inspires Skapokon to create a mock-up of the finale of Dark Skapokon Rises in his reaction video.

Up B - Always Cannon

Darkpokon gets inside the "Canon Cannon" and is shot upwards. After falling, he'll turn into Terminator Liquid and then transform into one of his "reincarnations". Most of these forms only have an attack with B and Darkpokon will return to his regular form if he gets hit. The forms are:

  • Fake King: He can shoot burgers with the Dinner Blaster. Unlike The King's Final Smash, it's just a single burger and you cannot shoot more unless it leaves the screen.
  • Bizarro John: Using his BIZARRO VISION, he can turn opponents into their Worst Replacements.
  • Oellam: The joke option. You cannot perform any action in this form until you get hit.
  • Angry German Darkpokon: He'll be on a screen zooming in and out while screaming in German. If you touch him you'll get damaged. After the rant ends, Darkpokon will return to his regular form, even if he doesn't get hit.
  • Niggapokon: The rarest form. His attack consists on saying DUN DUN and turning all opponents into their Evil Alts (or Worst Replacements if they are already evil). Niggapokon will turn into his "Ultimate Nigger" form, being unable to move, much like Oellam. The first opponent that hits him will return to their normal state, while the others will have to get a Final Smash or get KO'd.
  • Skipokon: He can move with his skis, damaging by touch.


As revealed in the Bizarro remake, Darkpokon was once Oellam who reincarnates into several forms before taking this current form. The "Canon Cannon" is based on the Genesis Cannon from Dark Skapokon Rises while his transformation into other forms is based on a joke in the Bizarro remake review where Skapokon comments that he is a Terminator-like being. Like John Di Micco, each character has a different origin:

  • The Fake King - John vs. the King
  • Bizarro John - Bizarro and its remake
  • Oellam - Same as Bizarro John in the remake only
  • Angry German Darkpokon - Retropokon Especial de 3er Aniversario: Top 10 Peores Cosas Analizadas
  • Niggapokon - Dark Skapokon Rises April Fools video
  • Skipokon - Lawl Noba

Down B - 0

Darkpokon shoots a black 0 that will slowly go forwards going through opponents, walls or anything else, even ignoring shields. This 0 does no damage, but if it touches an opponent on a Super Form (including those from Final Smashes), they'll go back to their normal form. Darkpokon is only able to shoot one 0 at the time, and trying to use your Down B when the 0 is already on the stage will instead make him taunt.


In Retropokon Especial de 3er Aniversario: Top 10 Peores Cosas Analizadas, after Darkpokon introduces himself, he fires a 0 to Skapokon's human body, turning back to his original form.

Final Smash - Interdimensional Villains

Darkpokon creates the Genesis Portal which summons villains from other Lawls. There will be as many villains as opponents, and they will stay helping Darkpokon like CPUs until they get KO'd. If Darkpokon gets KO'd though, they'll stop helping him and fight on their own.


The Genesis Portal first appeared in the Archie Sonic comics, in which manifests a portal that can be traveled through time and between parallel universes. They where formed from Sonic's destroyed multiverse by the Super Genesis Wave and they where the main plot for both Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite. They made a reappearance in Dark Skapokon Rises, this time can revive robotic versions of dead villains while still retaining its abilities from the comics. Darkpokon uses it to conquer every universes as he can. His plan was later shamefully ripped-off by The Joker in The Lego Batman Movie as described by Aitor Molina.

KO Sounds

  • KO Sound 1: "Oh no!"
  • KO Sound 2: "Wait, what?"
  • Star KO Sound: "I'm not theeeeeere!"
  • Screen KO Sound: "Jua jua jua, my feelings!"


  • Up Taunt: "Jua jua jua you cannot go yet because I'm very powerful and we have to fight!"
  • Side Taunt: "Jua jua jua, has anyone mentioned how much canon I am?"
  • Down Taunt: (Reviews the villains that are on stage, if not, he reviews himself like this): "Jua jua jua, yes, one of my taunts consists on reviewing myself. This will be useful since most of the users who voted me don't even know who I am. Now cover your ears if you are sensitive because I'm going to tell you my horrible story. I'm a Weegee who became a King who became a Bizarro who became a Blackface who became a robot. There may be even more forms in the future, jua jua jua! My crowbar is so strong that it killed Sir Pokon and Wacky Wai in another canon. And I have such Dark Powers that even the most powerful being will become a wimp after just touching them. And at last, my Final Smash, which lets me invoke every villain from every universe in the planet. It's like in Legends of the Multi Universe! Jua jua jua, references!"

Victory Poses/Losing Pose

  • Option 1: *appears as just a shadow with red eyes*
  • Option 2: "Jua jua jua, it's time to destroy the world... starting with the mosquitoes on this room!" *claps to kill mosquitoes*
  • Option 3: "Jua jua jua, I gave that wimp one million damages!"
  • Option 4: *sings All-Star while disguised as Shrek* "Jua jua jua, references!"
  • Losing Pose: *disappears from existence*
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