Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet SBL intro


Mel Brooks



Appears in

YTPguy17's Smash Bros. Lawl



Played by

Rick Moranis


Colonel Sanders


Neutral B - The Schwartz

Dark Helmet uses his Schwartz Ring. You can do two things with this attack. Tap the B Button to shoot Schwartz lasers. If you keep pressed the B button, you use the Schwartz grab, creating an energy ball that grabs anyone who touches it (Including human traps). Press A while you're grabbing someone, Helmet drops him/her, making damage. Hold left or right (depending of your direction) and release the B button to throw the opponent. The thrown opponents can do damage to anyone who touches it. You can hold this attack as much as you want, but makes damage to yourself if you hold it more than 10 seconds.

Side B - Prepare For Light Speed

Colonel Sanders appears behind Dark Helmet and he announce the speed boost you'll recieve. After that, a sign will appear showing which speed you get. You can get 2 speed boosts:

  • Light Speed: This one appears the most. It boosts Dark Helmet's movement and attacking speed by x2 for 10 seconds. Running into opponents causes damage.
  • Ludicrous Speed: This one appears only 1/5 of the times. This increases everything by x4 for 10 seconds.

The attack can be cancelled if you hit Colonel Sanders during the announcement, but attacking Dark Helmet won't stop the attack. After the speed boost wears off, you have to wait 20 seconds to use the move again.

Up B - Beam Me Up, Snotty

Dark Helmet creates a teleporter. Everytime you press Up B, Dark Helmet will teleport to it. Pressing Up B near to the teleport makes Dark Helmet to remove it. Unlike Dreamachine, the teleporter can't be destroyed, but it disappears after 3 teleports.

Down B - Mr. Coffee

Dark Helmet drinks some coffee, restoring 10% of damage. You can't use this attack again until the Mr Coffee is ready again. It will be known when a beep is heard. After that, you can drink again. Be careful because the beep can be heard anytime.

Final Smash - Abandon Ship!

Dark Helmet presses the Self-Destruction Button. After that, a female voice will announce that the Self Destruction will happen after 5 seconds. Dark Helmet gets inside a escape pod, and some other pods appear (3 Opponents: 2 Pods, 2 Opponents: 1 Pod, 1 Opponent: Only Dark Helmet's Pod). The opponents have to go to the escape pods before the time goes out. The opponents that can't reach to a pod will get KOd. After that, all the ones who reach to a pod will be shown flying in space until they fall down to the stage again.


Up Taunt: (Takes off his helmet) "I can't breath in this thing!"

Side Taunt: "I'm surrounded by Assholes!"

Down Taunt: "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."

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